Water Memory Theory

We have touched on the  theory known as Stone Tape Theory, where the argument exists that natural materials such as stone, limestone, silica, quartz, and iron oxide have the capability to not only capture,  but retain energies from the living world around them.  If  we are to believe this theory to be plausible, it only answers part of the equation. If these materials can capture and hold “energetic memories” and provide a possible reason for location hauntings,  what could be the trigger for releasing this energy?  Is this when we experience paranormal activity at certain locations ?  What makes the limestone of  Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum give up it’s secrets?  There is an extension of the Stone Tape theory known as Water Memory.  The stone may be but part of the equation.  Rocks,  stones, and minerals all contain ancient water molecules.  What if it’s not the stone,  but this ancient water deep inside these minerals that is actually capturing and recording these events, only to disperse the energy and the connected memory when the water slowly evaporates?  There are several theories that water can absorb and change when exposed to expressive energy,  traumatic or blissful.  In the late 1990s, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted some fascinating studies called Messages in Water.  Dr. Emoto took a single drop of water from different sources,  a pond,  a well,  tap water, glacier water,  and subjected these drops to different stimuli.  One was blessed by a monk.  One was told loving and caring thoughts. Then others were cursed at,  told hateful things and verbally abused.  ( Yes, water drops were verbally abused. )  Then these drops were frozen.  When viewed under a microscope, the drops that were blessed produced stunning and symmetrical ice crystals. The abused ones became misshapen and irregular and sometimes discolored.  Ok, back to the paranormal. People are 70% water. Think about what happened to a single drop of water. A single drop. Our bodies can manifest physical and physiological change when certain stimuli triggers a memory. War torn soldiers suffer every time they hear an unexpected bang or a car backfires.  Mothers instantly respond to a baby’s cry.  Why not, under certain circumstances, couldn’t the water molecules within stone somehow react and release their  stories?  Could it be  that as this water slowly disperses, the energy and stories from the living disperse as well?  Could it be the reason we rarely experience ancient ghosts?  While places such as Stonehenge and the the Mayan ruins are truly spiritual,  Have you ever heard of a ghost of a roman soldier or Neolithic Man? Do our spirits fade into the Great Collective?  With every theory comes even more questions.         I hope,  as we,  a society, delve ever deeper into what is considered  “paranormal”,  we can find more answers.     please visit my website to read more stories of the paranormal kittyjanusz.com                              100_0208                                 cells in a penitentiary                          Brompton Cemetery

Stone Tape Theory and haunted locations

Part of being a paranormal investigator and researcher involves trying to figure out why some locations become haunted and remain haunted over a long period of time.  Stone Tape Theory is similar to Imprint Theory. The difference being while Imprint Theory’s energy resonates from the Universe,  Stone Tape Theory states certain types of stone and other natural minerals have the ability to capture and retain information and energy within itself.  Much like an audio tape,  a building or location can retain the memory of a traumatic event.  This theory holds validity when you remember iron oxide is an abundant  element on Earth. If you think about it, iron oxide is used to make audio tapes. Magnetized iron oxide.  Could this be why old brick buildings always seem haunted?  Quartz crystal can retain energy and information. Silicon is used in the manufacture of computer memory chips and is the second most abundant element on Earth.  Granite,  limestone,  quartz,  all are capable of holding energy and information.   The Stanley Hotel  in Estes Park, Co, notably  one of the  most active locations in America,  sits on a bed of limestone.  Many of the old prisons such as Alcatraz and  Eastern State Penitentiary are made of limestone and granite.   Mine shafts  and  gold towns are a hotbed of paranormal activity.  Could it be  the stone holds the past within it?  A murder, a suicide, a war, a gunshot in time ?  What remains puzzling are the circumstances in which this energy is released.  Weather conditions may be a factor ( lightning can cause electromagnetic flux )  the time of year,  Lunar cycle,  all may be factors and some people may be more sensitive to these  energies than others.  Some think energy is released as water retained within the stone evaporates, releasing fragments of an event… but that’s  another theory for later….                 To read more stories of the paranormal, please visit my website at kittyjanusz.com                                     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          cells in a penitentiary          Timbered Mine Shaft           Cart in gold mine - underground