Favorite Haunts RMS Queen Mary’s Pool Room

The beautiful Art Deco masterpiece that is the Queen Mary has many active haunts. The most popular for it’s paranormal activity is the 1st class pool room. The 1st class pool room is festooned with a Mother of Pearl coved ceiling,diving boards, a balcony, and changing rooms. The pool room was filled with salt water and heated by the ship’s boilers. During tea, the 2nd class passengers were allowed to swim in the fancier pool whilst 1st class passengers enjoyed their tea. After tea, the pool was drained and refilled before the 1st class passengers returned. During Wartime, the pool was drained and used as extra sleeping quarters. Space being at a premium, bunks were stacked three high to utilize every inch of space.  Some say the changing rooms contain a vortex. A vortex is a thinning of the veil between worlds, thus allowing spirits to cross easily into ours. Feelings of light headedness, disorientation, and vertigo are often felt  in the changing area.  To me, one of the creepiest areas in the pool room is the space underneath the stairs. The story goes that a man raped and murdered a woman and stuffed her body underneath the stairs. I have not been able to find documentation of this murder, but the energy is very negative in this one place. While investigating with a group, I sent a few people back into the space. I gave no details, only told them to feel the difference in the energy. One man returned, white as sheet.  I’ll never forget what he said. “I sure hope nobody ever took a woman back there.” THEN I told him the story. Then he REALLY got pale!  But the pool room is most noted for what  is believed to be the spirit of a young girl,  Jackie.  Jackie supposedly drowned in the 2nd class pool but no record exists of such a drowning. This is a case where I think a spirit has taken on a role it enjoys.  Jackie loves interacting with people and while I am usually skeptical of child spirits, I have never felt anything malevolent from Jackie. The famous psychic   Peter James had many documented interactions with Jackie. They seemed to have a special bond. There is video evidence of  “Hellos”   “London Bridge is falling down”, and laughter between Peter and Jackie.  Peter James loved the Queen Mary so much that when he passed, his cremains  were aboard the ship for some time.  Jackie and I have had lengthy  K2 sessions and interactions.  She will answer any number of questions, but when asked if she is a 6yr old child, the K2 stalls and she refuses to answer yes. An honest ghost!  One of the endearing aspects of Jackie is not only will she give you audible responses but she will let you know when she’s tired.  When she gets ready to leave,  you can feel a cool breeze wrap around you and then pass onto the next person. They say that’s how Jackie gives hugs!  The photo below shows an infrared shot during a K2 session in almost pitch black. You can barely make out the lights from the K2. It shows a psychic’s arms as she allows Jackie to draw energy from her to communicate.      Cool, Huh?     Along with Jackie, several other spirits have been experienced in the pool room.    Since the pool room is known for audible phenomena, we thought we would try an experiment.  During an investigation, we thought we would try to reach some of the many soldiers that had been aboard the QM. A member of our group had spent many years in the Navy. We decided to use him as a trigger object.    “Can you sing our song to inspire us?” He asked. “Can you sing our song, Anchor’s Away?”   We listened.   Slowly,  from the balcony, came not one,  not three,  but what sounded like a chorus of 30 spirit voices rising up and singing “Anchors Away” !!!!! I still get the chills!   The drawback of audible voice  phenomena is that it seldom  records, unlike an EVP that is recorded in the white noise. So while it is great memory to me, it is scientifically just a story……        Please visit my website for more stories of the paranormal  kittyjanusz.com                             SyntekExifImageTitle                                        SyntekExifImageTitle                                  SyntekExifImageTitle                      100_0208

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