Favorite Haunts the Whaley House in San Diego

The beautiful Whaley house museum is renowned to be one of the most haunted locations in America. Is it? This Greek Revival mansion was built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley. What seems odd now is this spooky haunted mansion now sits smack dab in the middle of  touristy Old Town San Diego. One can dine at a yummy Mexican restaurant, walk a block into a 19th century graveyard, then get a t shirt. Not exactly spine tingly atmosphere. Still, there’s a  valid reason as to why this location may be so active.  It seems Mr. Whaley bought the prime real estate for a bargain price. How? Well, the land used to be the site of the local gallows. Many a man swung where Whaley house sits. This didn’t seem to unnerve Thomas Whaley. He said, “My new house, when completed, will be the handsomest, most comfortable, and the the most convenient place in town or within 150 miles of here.” The Whaley house also encompasses the courthouse, a general store, and the area’s first theater. It was quite a mansion in it’s day. Alas, even a wealthy family like the Whaley’s can have their share of family tragedy.  18 mos old Thomas jr. succumbed to Scarlet Fever in 1858. The daughter, Violet, committed suicide in 1885, divorced and heartbroken.  But 150 years of courthouse drama and the hangman’s noose surely added to the inhabitants . The most notable of those who met their fate at the gallows was Santiago Robinson, AKA Yankee Jim. Convicted of robbery in 1852, he was fitted with a noose and stood up on the edge of a buckboard wagon. As the wagon pulled forward, Jim dangled, his lanky legs almost able to reach the ground. As he struggled, his boots scraping the dirt, he slowly strangled the death. Are we squirming yet? So what type of activity were we able to get at our last visit to Whaley house?  It seems Yankee Jim is quite adept at communicating with Dowsing rods. Jim resides in the general store area and has been known to respond to trigger objects of whiskey or beer.  We went upstairs to the stage theater. We had some RemPod activity, having it alarm and blink in response to our questions. In the court room, we were picking up a female spirit. During an EVP session, we asked if there was anything we could bring them from the material world that hey might miss.  We captured this EVP several minutes after we asked the question.   Take a listen..  http://bit.ly/1f1Wc77    Perhaps so she could communicate with something familiar?   Several of us noted moving shadows behind the organ. We could see there was nobody behind it so we snapped some shots.  They all had these distorted anomalies. The night really got exciting when we headed back down to the courtroom. Our group is made up of mostly empaths and psychic mediums. We decided to put away most of our equipment at this point and try to communicate psychically. a young girl approached us, not related to the property. This spirit was almost in a panic state, scared and crying. She had died of an illness but seemed to feel them wrapping and binding her in burial bandages. To comfort spirits in this much need, we call in Angels to help us. I mention this because when we do this, visual blue sparks can be seen flashing from our fingertips. A witness at the Whaley who was not familiar with this, saw the sparks and said, ” what’s that?’ Are you guys seeing that?” These blue sparks have been photographed on several occasions. So the next time you’re in Old Town San Diego, stop by the Whaley house museum. And while you’re walking down the street, look down at the brass markers on the sidewalk. They say “grave marker.” Old Town San Diego has a lot of secrets……….                           Please visit my website at kittyjanusz.com                                                                       organ Whaley 3                            whaley courtroom          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                      whaley store                   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                    old whaley house                 Whaley gas light