My Amazing Channeling with the late David Bowie

    Bowie for reuse    Whoa. That hasn’t happened in a while. I just had a rather spontaneous channeling with David Bowie. It was late at night and I finished the evening watching a clip from “Labyrinth” The enchanting and seductive dancing dream sequence is one of my favorite scenes. I shut off my computer and let myself relax and drift away.

I wondered if David Bowie would come forward if I asked for him. Sometimes if a spirit has moved on into another level of consciousness or entered into a new life, only a fragment of the person you know may remain. To my surprise after only a few minutes of connecting to spirit I felt I was indeed talking to David Bowie.

Now how do I know it was David Bowie and not some random spirit trying to present themselves as David Bowie? Great question. This is where using spirit guides comes in handy. When you ask for a specific person to come forward, the word goes out into what I call The Collective Consciousness. It’s a bit like like calling to someone across many apartment buildings. While your neighbor might not know this person, they ask their friend, and they ask a friend who says. “Oh yeah, I know him.” “Hey David, this lady wants to talk to you.”  You send out your intention of connecting to this specific person and through the filters of your spirit guides, the real one will come through. They know to toss aside impersonators.

But I was still a little star struck when the image of David Bowie was before me. I mean, It’s DAVID BOWIE!  THE David Bowie!  All of a sudden, I found myself tongue-tied. I’m not a musician. What do I say? I’ve heard that many creative souls continue to create on the other side, free from mortal restrictions.

I asked him if he was still creating music. He said “Of course. Music from the inside out, music that is created as there’s movement.” He plucked at invisible strings near his ear. “Music from instruments you can’t see. Can’t you hear it? No, of course you can’t, not until you are here.” He was floating and dancing and trying to leap but being rather awkward about it. “I was never really very physical.” He said.

What surprised me is he was still in a lot of pain. Psychics often feel sympathetic pains of the deceased. My chest started burning and my lungs gurgling. My lungs still burn as I write this. I begged him to let me ease the pain, it was only a memory and he needn’t hold onto it anymore.  “No, It helps me focus.” He said floating and looping upside down.

I asked him about his wife, Iman. “We are in touch often.”

I asked him about his fans. “Do not rely on me”, He said, “Make your OWN music. Be wild, be weird. Be WONDERFUL.”

I finally convinced him to accept some healing. Reiki healing can transcend Time and Space and is very useful for departed souls who have not fully released themselves from the pain they endured in Life. Some feel physical pain, some emotional trauma. We have the ability to help them release such pain. I pulled what seemed like burning pain and fluid from his lungs. I visualized tearing open his chest to rid him of this burning pain. His ribcage ripped open and light burst outward. I felt Bowie wanted to retain a small fragment of this memory, this burning sensation. To help him “focus”, as he said, or perhaps to help him remember who David Bowie was and is. I don’t know.

I was surprised someone as avant-garde as Bowie would still identify in a mortal body.

I asked him what the last thing he remembered while in his physical body. “I smiled.” He said.

Had to share this. I am so glad David Bowie continues to create beautiful and unique music on the other side and I’m humbled and feel blessed beyond measure to have had this conversation with this great man.