Paranormal Investigation 100 yr old Graber Olive house

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The Graber Olive House is the oldest surviving business in Ontario, Ca. family owned and operated since 1896. The property consists of barns, storage buildings and sorting rooms, most dating back to the late 1800s. Enormous storage rooms that hold concrete vats for curing olives look much as they did at the turn of the century. It’s a business where most of the work is still done by hand, much as it was done 100 years ago. The land has remain virtually unchanged for over 100 years, while new housing projects rose up around it and land was bulldozed and carved out to accommodate the growing area. All that changing energy around it, families come and go, memories left behind. I believe that the Graber house is becoming some sort of vortex for spiritual energy. It still holds old Earth energy from Native Americans, early settlers and even people who worked for years at Graber, sorting and packing olives for decades. This unchanged plot of land has become a place of familiarity to spirits, these entities, it’s a place they still recognize. I think that’s another reason historic locations remain haunted for many years. If they remain relatively unchanged, spirits will seek out what’s familiar to them. A ghost from the 1800s may stay as well as a ghost from the 1940s. It’s as though the memories become layered.             Layers of memories…….             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                                         This type of energetic stability of these old locations have been known to attract lower vibrational forms, too. Some are known as Creepers. The Graber has one of these horrid creatures. A creeper is what I refer to as an elemental. It is something that has never walked the Earth in a human form. They are not demonic but are just not a pleasant thing to encounter . Think gremlin..Creepers have been seen in many haunted locations. One that is frequently encountered is at the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Creepers appear as a dark mass, sometimes changing form. They crawl up walls, ceilings, and may pass through walls. Clinging to the ceiling like some alien spider, they are the stuff of nightmares, and I’ve seen it. Our first first investigation at Graber I was already aware of this creeper energy and I admit I was curious to encounter such a thing. A big, dark mass creeping spider-like up the wall, would I be able to communicate with such a thing? Would I want to? Add to that a bunch of 100 year old buildings and a large, wooded clearing circled by ancient Sequoia trees, it sounded like an awesome investigation was about to begin! I was with a team of about 15 investigators along with EVP specialists Mark and Debby Constantino. I was looking forward to an interesting night.. Earlier in the evening I had investigated around the vat rooms, taking some still shots. It was Oct. and the vat areas were closed off as they were gearing up for the olive harvest and curing. If this was where the creeper resided, I couldn’t sense it. I wasn’t getting any of those vibes, the hair standing up on the back of the neck, that feeling of being watched. It felt pretty quiet. We headed up to the barn loft to start our EVP sessions. Although it was mid Oct, the California autumns are mild and it was sill quite warm in the loft even at 10:00 O’clock at night. We ran several digital recorders simultaneously and did short, burst sessions. By asking questions for only a couple minutes and then reviewing on the spot, not only is it a lot less tedious than listening to hours of audio later, but if you get a spirit voice responding intelligently to your questions, it’s immediate validation and helps direct the line of questioning. We were able to capture several class A EVPs or spirit voices that seemed to give us intelligent responses to our questions. When we asked for names, we heard the name Robert in the white noise when we played back the recording. This intelligent communication continued for about 20 minutes. Sitting in the darkened room trying to adjust to the dim light I noticed something moving above us in the dark..something big…Something told me to look up and there,there was the creeper! 10 to 12 feet long, blacker than the darkness around it,4 long, spindly arms stretching another 10 feet passed it’s body. It had a large, human-like head. But it’s when it moved, that’s what was the most horrific. It’s small feet made a suction cup like sound. Thwp, Thwp, Thwp, across the ceiling. I swear I could hear the Thwp, Thwp, Thwp of it’s suction feet! It slowly rolled it’s huge head backwards and looked right at me.   Muertos makeup                  I think it grinned..I wasn’t sure what to do. I was almost afraid to mention it’s presence for fear calling attention to it would cause it to drop down on us like some nightmarish spider! I gulped and kept watching. It watched me. It rolled it’s head backwards in an unnatural twist. Thwp, Thwp, Thwp, across the ceiling, back and forth. If anyone else saw it, they weren’t saying! I know it sounds weird NOT to tell everyone, “Hey, Look up!” but something inside me just told me no, leave it be..and I think it was enjoying it’s ability to intimidate. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but my gut feeling was to ignore it as best I could. I think it was hoping I would call attention to it. I know I’m there to investigate and document, but as a psychic I just knew not to acknowledge it. I just don’t want to engage with such an entity. I didn’t need a big alien spider thing dropping down on me, no thank you. I kept my eye on it the whole time I was in the loft, believe me. I made sure I didn’t get directly underneath it. Having such a prolonged encounter with this type of elemental being was a bit unnerving and something I will never forget. Everyone decided to head down to one of the packing rooms. Pallets of labels and aluminum cans lined the walls. A rolling conveyor belt sat silent. it was a rather utilitarian and impersonal workroom, rather nondescript from a paranormal standpoint. Looks can be deceiving. But there was definitely a presence there, an energy that felt heavy and oppressive. Something did not want us in that room. I had a feeling that something was territorial and wanted us out. It would soon make itself known and make sure we got the message! Mark and Debby came in and sat in the middle of the room and the others gathered around them to start another EVP session. I walked to the far side of the room. I almost immediately started feeling a presence, that unmistakable eyes watching you pressure against my back. We weren’t provoking and we were just present in the room so I couldn’t figure out why it was being so uncomfortable with us being there. The room was a workroom, filled with utilitarian objects, tools and supplies, certainly not the sort of thing that should make a spirit territorial. Nonetheless, something didn’t want us in that room. I started feeling a pressure against my back, like someone was pushing me. We weren’t taunting or provoking, and I wasn’t about to be bullied. There are people who bully and harass others in life, and I think some of those personality traits carry over to the other side. Unrestricted and free of the confines of a mortal human body, these aggressive personalities are free to create havoc without consequence. They still enjoy the power trip. This is how I deal with a pushy entity. I push back. I push back in a passive aggressive way, by utilizes some techniques I learned when training horses. Turn your back to whatever you want to move away from you and simply back up. I walked backwards and pushed this entity back into the corner of the room. By avoiding eye contact, you appear less aggressive. I didn’t push it all the way back, but away from us, out of our space. It stayed back for a minute or so. Then I felt more pressure against my back. Really? I backed up again. I don’t always recommend this type of action, but don’t be bullied out of a room. While on some level it may appear insensitive, I mean, touching a person is indeed a form of communication for spirits, but you can tell when they’re being territorial and bullying. If you allow yourself to get pushed out in this manner, it makes you appear vulnerable, and that’s a bad road. I’ll tell you what happens when you don’t handle this type of energy in the right way.. I looked over at the reporter who had joined us. All the color had drained from her face and she was sweating like crazy. She looked as though she would pass out! She doubled over in pain. before I could catch her, she just slumped to the floor. Feeling a little shocked and embarrassed, she said, “I’m Ok, I’m Ok.” But she clearly wasn’t Ok. Clearly whatever was in the room with us was manifesting physical attacks on others in the room. Feeling dizzy and nauseated, the reporter was helped to her feet and we got her out of that room. We sat her down outside in a breezeway and gave her some water. Being away from whatever was in that room , she began to feel less queasy and returned to normal. I had to go back into that room. I needed to find out what was really going on in there. Was her becoming ill actually caused by some negative force? I felt the pressure in my back again! I instinctively backed it up again into the corner, this time a little farther into the corner. I attempted to communicate with whatever was pushing against me in an effort to stop this shoving match. I told the spirit or entity we were not here to make it leave, but we were going to be in this room and we would leave soon. The pressure subsided. I looked over at my friend Kimberly, and I noticed she too, was now starting to double over and looked very uncomfortable. Kimberly was now also feeling the effect of this entities’ bullying behavior. Kimberly eyes grew wide as she looked at me. We boy knew what was causing people to become suddenly ill.. Wincing in pain, Kimberly had to get out.. Clearly it was making it’s point. I decided I would give it back it’s room, but on my terms. No creepy elemental was going to chase me out! I stood my ground until I felt no pressure on my back, and then calmly left the area. Well, sort of calmly..Let’s just say I walked out pretty fast…                OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                   So the three of us are now sitting in the breezeway, taking a water break, and cleared our heads. Without provocation, this entity manifested physical attacks. We wondered how the 10 or so people left in the room might be feeling. Would another person be attacked? How could they not be feeling it? Suddenly, a man came rushing out, his face just ashen white, he was clearly scared. He was bringing his mother out, and he was having to almost carry her, she was that distressed. She was barley able to walk, twisting in pain, she seemed to be having some sort of seizure! Both were clearly shaken. Was this seizure caused by this entity? Why had it attacked her? Was she an easy victim, vulnerable to the aggressive energy that resided in this packing room? Thank goodness, within a few minutes, she was feeling more herself and able to move more easily.. Like some ghostly junkyard dog, it was going to make sure we left it’s room and left it alone.. What happens on our next visit to Graber? It gets even better! If you enjoyed this blog, please “like us on Facebook at into the Light Paranormal and check out my website at                100_0671


Paranormal Ethics and Tools.. Standing Your Ground

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Let’s face an unpleasant truth. There is much in the realm of the paranormal and the metaphysical that we just don’t understand.There is stuff out there that is not only frightening, but there are entities, spirits, and energies that can harm us. There are things not of this world that can manipulate matter and energy to inflict physical pain, push, scratch, pinch, and cause abdominal pain and nausea. We teach ourselves and our children to be wary of people we don’t know. We talk about “Stranger Danger” and “Bad Touch”. But what about the things we cannot see, the things that go “bump” in the night? Who protects us from them? Investigating a haunted location is similar to preparing for battle. We prepare by researching the history of a location’s past and interviewing witnesses who have experienced something they could not explain. This information gives us insight as to who or what may be causing the reported activity. Detailed accounts of events can tell us if what they are experiencing is something resembling a residual haunting, which is a ghost or spirit energy that is just a memory, like a piece of film playing over and over with no conscience, no ability to interact. If witnesses are able to capture EVPs, or spirit voices caught in the white noise of an audio recording, if objects are moved and disembodied sounds are heard, then more of an intelligent haunting may be present. It may that of a loved one, perhaps Aunt Polly still puttering around the kitchen, making sure we copy her recipes to a tee. If such a spirit is attached to the property is present, the energy and the way they make us feel, the way their energy affects us may range from uneasiness to curious, to even welcoming or feeling comforted by their presence. I know my dad pops up every now and then and I hear his voice and feel his familiar presence. I find it comforting. But there are spirits and energies that may become protective and territorial. Entering into these locations will give you a definite feeling of uneasiness. They don’t want you in their space and will let you know about it.                         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                             Have you ever just gotten the creeps going into a place for no real reason? Have you been on an investigation and had continuous equipment failure, batteries drain, cameras malfunction, static and interference? You are in their territory now.. You never want to be the bully, but you don’t want to get pushed around, either. This is when you practice claiming your personal space, standing your ground, as it were. Don’t be arrogant or rude about it, being pushy doesn’t please anyone, alive or dead. Ignoring these fundamental guidelines is what gets paranormal investigators into trouble. That kind of attitude is what gets folks scratched, slapped, and pushed.    10609706_279117418950268_381136076789052422_n                      Dealing with aggressive energies or negative spirits is a lot like dealing with people with similar personalities. Don’t get pushed around but don’t antagonize, either….. Want to read more? Check out my website at

Infrasound and the Paranormal

Left-and-forgotten                       Infrasound is considered to be  audio frequencies below the range of human hearing. This is typically sound vibrations below 20 Hz. We humans have a relatively limited audible range. The human ear has a general hearing range from about 20 Hz to about 20,000 Hz. We’ve just evolved to use our other senses. You know those dog whistles that we can’t hear but we feel it shoot through our ears? Well low frequency sounds affect us in a similar way. We can feel them vibrating in our heads. Our tiny hairs within our ears can still pick up on them, but we can’t distinguish it as a distinct sound. The way we detect infrasound is not fully understood but it is believed we feel it’s vibrations rather than “hear” it. Low frequency sounds may be either man made or caused by natural sources. Some natural sources include, weather changes and barometric changes, lightning, volcanic eruptions, the waves hitting the shoreline, and even meteors. man made sources may be caused by machinery, cars, and especially fans or turbines pounding the atmosphere. The biggest variable between natural and man made infrasound levels is natural sources remain constant in intensity whereas man made sources fluctuate in their intensity. This is why it is always important to get baseline readings when entering a location. Take notice of fans, machines, windows, even a busy highway nearby may cause higher ambient infrasound. So why does this concern us, the paranormal investigator? Infrasound has become the latest hot topic when discussing “psycho-physiological interactions” between infrasound and human perception. Like EMF, recent studies have shown a link between infrasound and the appearance of apparitions, shadows, and other visual paranormal phenomena. It can also induce psychological reactions such as dread, fear, and the feeling of being watched. The most famous study regarding infrasound and the link to the paranormal is titled “ The Ghost in the Machine” ( The Ghost in the Machine, 1998, Tandy & Lawrence )             Sound waves set. Music background. EPS 10            The story goes something like this.. Tandy was working in a warehouse type building. Coworkers seemed to have a feeling of dread or discomfort in one part of the building and refused to work in that corner. One evening, Tandy found himself working alone in the building. He was getting ready to compete in a fencing competition. He needed to work on one of his fencing foils. ( picture the three Musketeers swords ) He placed it in a vice. When he turned around, he noticed the tip was bouncing up and down wildly! Some unseen force was making this foil vibrate. By moving it’s position, he found the amount of vibration would increase or decrease. Tandy discovered a faulty fan that was causing a steady vibration of low frequency sound that while he couldn’t hear, it was strong enough to affect solid matter in the room. Tandy proposed that exposure to infrasound at a level of around 19 Hz would induce psycho- physiological sensations that were perceived as paranormal experiences. He claimed he could create conditions that artificially caused a paranormal encounter. He based this not only by his own studies but by research conducted by the United States military and space programs. The claims were at a level of 19 Hz, the eyeball would vibrate leading to visual effects that could be interpreted as paranormal. Tandy’s hypothesis was tested in what was called the “Haunt” Project. (Bunton-Stasyshyn, Davis, French, and Haque )  Using Infrasound along with high EMFs, the experiment was to create an artificially “haunted” room. Specifically, the experiment sought to determine if exposure to infrasound in conjunction with electromagnetic fields could lead to reported anomalous sensations, compared to baseline conditions. Participants spent nearly an hour in this “haunted” room and reported their experiences. Many involved in the study ( 79%) reported experiencing dizziness or unusual sensations. These are often linked to infrasound exposure. Other participants said they could feel someone else in the room with them (22.8%) . So should we worry about Infrasound? The problem is not so much the existence of low frequency wavelengths in a location altering our perception but the ability to accurately measure such wavelengths. One must be able to accurately measure a room. Then one must figure out if the vibration is a traveling wave, such as what happens when someone shouts across a room, or is it a standing wave, one that has a continuous output of vibration and is trapped, bouncing back and forth through the room. The equipment to measure infrasound is not cheap, either. Then there are weighting filters to discuss, sampling rates to correlate, and it’s not just infrasound that starts giving you a headache. The point I’m trying to make here is yes, infrasound has been shown to somehow alter our visual perception and give us the feeling of the Heebie Jeebies.  I think in the case of something that may be difficult to accurately measure such as infrasound, always keep external factors in mind when something occurs that may initially seem paranormal. Be as scientific as you can by eliminating as many variables as possible in a location. I think in this instance, the best way to experiment with infrasound is to take out the human element in a location. Set up an experiment and bombard a location with infrasound for a set amount of time, I’d say at least 20 minutes. have digital recorders and camcorders running. Then remove all infrasound and take measurements again. See if anything anomalous occurs during the time you filled the area with infrasound. I think being away from the effects of these low frequency waves is the best way to determine if paranormal activity increases in it’s presence and not your imagination.

Paranormal Tools of the Trade.. Part One.. If Spirits are Energy, Then What?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                         We’ve all watched the popular ghost hunting shows on TV. People running around in the dark with camcorders that film in total darkness, their faces glowing green and  looking kind of scary in their own right. They have little black boxes that speak in creepy metallic voices. Paranormal investigators seem to use all manner of gadgets that blink and beep and flash different colored lights that supposedly increase in the proximity of ghosts. Can this equipment really tell us when a spirit is in the room with us? But what are these gadgets, and do you need them to be a credible paranormal investigator?  During the 1800’s, when the Spiritualism Movement was all the rage, people conducted seances in their homes and many would hold elaborate parties with hired mediums to facilitate contacting the departed. While feeling cold spots and witnessing mediums speak in tongues and table tipping was all well and good, folks yearned for something more substantial validation of the paranormal. Our minds learn by visual representation. We need to see it or hear it for ourselves to know it’s real. That’s where paranormal tools enter the picture. A piece of equipment has no fear. It knows no religion. It is completely unbiased. It does what it is built to do and leaves the interpretation up to us. Equipment balances out our emotional reaction to the paranormal.   So what exactly are the tools used during a paranormal investigation? Are they all custom made by mad scientists in Frankenstein type laboratories? The endeavor to connect with the Afterlife is to work on  the assumption that the soul never dies. The laws of physics dictate energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only change state. We are working with the belief that when we die, our souls return to their purest form. Our souls being  pure energy. Working on the premise that spirits are a form of energy, paranormal investigators turned to equipment that detects and measures energy. What do I mean by “energy”? I’m talking about electromagnetic energy or electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are present all around us but are invisible to the naked eye. The earth’s magnetic field affects animal navigation and compass readings. It’s most notable at the poles where the gorgeous Northern Lights can be seen. Electric fields are produced by the buildup of electric charges in the atmosphere. That’s one reason ghost hunters get all excited for an investigation when a storm is approaching . It is believed the increase of electricity in the atmosphere gives spirits added energy. Plus, it adds to the ultra spooky factor. Besides natural sources of EMF there are also fields generated by man-made sources. High tension wires, X-rays, high frequency radio waves and every electrical appliance in your home whether turned on or off is emitting electrical waves into the atmosphere.   So with all this electricity in the atmosphere, how do we find anything anomalous, anything ..paranormal? Electric fields are always present. They are static and do not vary in their strength at a fixed distance. Magnetic fields are created when the electric current flows or is disrupted. It appears when there is a FLUCTUATION.. If a paranormal investigator removes variables such as electrical sources in the room and has controlled natural EMF sources and the magnetic fields are fluctuating in strength and location in a closed area…Well that’s when we get excited!!                                                                                                                                   100_0349                 100_0346                                                 Off the Shelf Tools  Much of the equipment paranormal investigators use is geared towards contractors or electricians. These trades rely on detecting wiring flaws, electrical strength and they need to know where electricity is flowing to ensure their safety.  Let’s take a look at some of these tools and how they work.                                                                                                           K-II Meter A K-II, or K2 meter detects magnetic fields through a coil built into the surface of a circuit board on a spiral coil design. When a magnetic field passes an electrically  conductive coil, the magnetic energy is translated  into an electrical signal. This signal is deciphered by a microchip and triggers one or more of it’s LED lights to light up. As the current increases or decreases it causes a corresponding change in the number of lights on the K2to light. Some models can measure static electric fields but most are simple models that give a vague reading of electric field strength. A K2 is not going to give you a precise measurement in EMF. They are a simple tool and for this reason many investigators find that spirits can easily manipulate the circuitry and use it to establish a simple form of communication. I’ve had good luck with it in this respect. I’ve been able to have hour long conversations with spirits asking “yes”or “no” questions and have them blink once for “yes” and twice for “no”. I think it’s simplicity makes it for lack of a better word..approachable to spirits. I’ve found through experience it works well in locations where spirits may have passed decades or centuries ago. They seem quickly comfortable with the idea of making it’s lights blink.                                                                                                                                                                        trifield-natural-meter-2-ghost-hunter-rilevatore-campi-magnetici-naturali-                                                    Tri Field meter of EMF detector is a much more sensitive instrument. If you buy one. get one of the models labeled Natural EM meter. These models will not measure man-made sources ( microwave, wiring, your other ghost hunting equipment hanging around your neck ). Tri field meters are designed to detect changes in extremely weak static  or flowing (EMF ) fields. These meters usually will have tone signal and measures strength on a needle type gauge. These are good for measuring a “base” reading in an area. EM meters can measure areas or items that are magnetized. Some models can also measure radio microwave fields. This is why the gauge gives readings in frequency (HZ) and milligauss. These are measurements of the wavelength and frequency of the fields. Picture tying a rope to a door handle and holding the end of the rope. Now wave your arm up and down and notice the change in how fast and how big the waves are on the rope.  These tools measure these energetic wavelengths.  Tri field meters  can pinpoint a fluctuation in a very specific area so they are handy when locating a “hotspot’. Documenting a magnetic fluctuation with a Tri field meter on camera is a great way to validate what you’re feeling in an active area. If you’re not there and what you’re experiencing can’t be seen, this is where equipment helps validate and document the paranormal activity.                                            White woman ghost stay on her grave

Paranormal Investigation of the Sailing ship Star of India Part 2

100_1109                        100_1111                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  In part 1 of our investigation of the Star of India, we found ourselves pitted against the hierarchy of the ship’s line of command. The spirit of the Captain was being reluctant to communicate with us. We had been politely asking for general information from the crew but it seemed being polite little women was getting us nowhere fast. Now we didn’t want to stoop to the level of harassing or taunting, that would be rude and unnecessary. But it seemed the Star’s Captain looked upon a bunch of FEMALE paranormal investigators with a bit of disdain. Who knew? And if the Captain was giving us the cold shoulder, it was pretty obvious he was making sure his motley crew stayed tight lipped as well. So what to do?                                                                                                    This is when using your intuition and having some flexibility come in handy. I say intuition because we all had the gut feeling the Captain was hiding something. You know that feeling when  you haven’t heard from a person in a while and you just KNOW it’s because they are avoiding you because they’ve done something reprehensible? You know when someone is hiding something from you even if you don’t know exactly what it is. We had to find a way to get him and the crew to talk. We needed to rethink our approach a bit. If the Captain is in control, who commands above the Captain? Who does the Captain respect and answer to?  Ahh, we thought, the ship’s owners, that’s who!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t be sure which Captain we had with us.  Funny, when dealing with spirits, oftentimes you can’t be sure what timeframe you’re dealing with. The Star is over 100 years old and has been sold several times during her career, so we weren’t sure which owners’ names he would recognize. So we figured we’d just improvise.   On a whim we thought “Let’s tell him we’re from the ship’s owners and we’re here to make a report.” We didn’t really expect it to work but thought, Hey, let’s give it a try. We Googled one of the several owners of the Star and took a guess about the timeline, picking the Shaw, Savill and Alboin Line. ( She was still the Euterpe during the 19th century ). We had Margaret’s husband James in his best British accent,    call out into the night air, “We’ve come from the Shaw Co and we need to ask you some questions. We need to make a report and we need you to comply, Captain.” I was sitting with my back to the Captain’s quarters. It had a small window and short, cotton curtains with the lamp’s light glowing through. Kimberly faced the Captain’s quarters. Her eyes widened, “Kitty, the curtains just moved!” I wheeled around to look. Sure enough, the tiny curtains were parting ever so slightly. There is no way any breeze can get into his quarters because of the wooden partitions inside the galley. We kept talking. “We need to ask you some questions, Captain.” The curtains opened a little more! We all saw this happening. We could have squealed with excitement but were trying to play it cool, you know…                                                    I   figured we had his attention, but would this little scheme really work? Could we get the spirits to communicate if they thought they were talking to the ship’s owners?  We  relocated into the galley. We started running several digital voice recorders and began an EVP session. The Captain’s presence could certainly be felt. Kimberly and I swore we could see him sitting on the galley’s sofa, glaring at everyone. It was in these first few minutes of recording we captured a Class A EVP saying, “Why did you lie to me?” We had made direct contact with the Captain of the ship and he understood what we had said! Apparently, the Captain did not appreciate being duped!  Listen to it here.    Would the  ship’s crew now come forward and speak? We continued to run our digital recorders. As we sat around the heavy galley table, we could make out audible conversations between several voices talking excitedly. We were unable to make out what they were saying, but the word “hiding” came through clearly. What were they hiding? We could make out two distinct voices talking back and forth to each other. These were not like the other voices, that we were able to capture only as EVPs, or spirit voices in the white noise of  a recording, but these voices were in the room with us, talking ABOUT us!  It was exciting to finally have their attention and to capture such great evidence. Within a couple of minutes  the voices died down and we caught no further EVPs during this session.                                                                                                                                                                                                     100_1132                                   Everyone needed a break. Out came the water, Mountain Dew, grapes, cheese, and Ding Dongs. I had a bet with Kimberly that the Ding Dongs would go first before any healthy snacks. I lost, but the Ding Dongs magically disappeared nonetheless.   Recharged with a nice sugar buzz, we headed back into the galley. We thought we’d try a Spirit Box session to see if the ship’s crew would come through. The Spirit Box, also known as Frank’s Box, named after it’s creator Frank Sumption, is a useful tool to communicate with spirits. It’s basically a radio, usually an inexpensive AM FM radio, that has been modified to continually sweep through all the channels without stopping. Picture turning the dial on a car radio back and forth and you get the idea. What this does is creates a type of white noise, a physical medium for spirits to use as their voice. I find it’s better to run the channels in a backwards directional sweep to avoid any stray random words from popping in and creating false evidence. We sat ourselves around the galley table. It had already been a successful night and I just wanted to take a moment and drink it all in. I looked around the room, it’s woodwork gleaming with a fresh varnish. We were sitting at the ship’s original galley table. This table had been here since the 19th century, before the Civil War. I thought about how many people had sat in these chairs over the decades. I ran my hands across the big, heavy table. It carried it’s share of scars and history.  The ship is filled with everyday utilitarian objects and well loved personal items such as a doll that may have made her way across treacherous seas….     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               This is when you really begin to connect with spirit. Imagine their time in this place. What must they have endured at sea? Did they ever see their loved ones again? Imagine their hardships and the difficult decisions that were made in order to simply survive. They did all this to make a better life. That’s what I love about paranormal investigating. When that connection is made. It becomes real. Still setting up our equipment when we once again  heard what sounded like a conversation. Whispered voices chattering excitedly but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. We all heard these voices with our own ears, these were audible spirit voices, not EVPs. Was the ship’s crew trying to speak to us?  Just then we heard a loud groaning noise. It was like a metal scraping on wood. We stared wide eyed at each other. It was LOUD. It did it again. We could feel the vibration through our feet. Groannnnn. It did it again. We looked around. What WAS that? James peeked outside. “Oh, there’s a motorcycle outside.” Yeah, we heard it. Brumm, Brumm. Hmm… Groannnnn…. Wide eyes again. “That’s no motorcycle!” Half giddy, half a bit unnerved, we searched for what could be the source of this groaning noise. We searched for the source of this noise in the back galley. Here the large iron rudder post runs through the ship from the wheel to the ship’s rudder. Groannnn… The rudder post was rotating! Okay, the rudder post is moving..but how? The ship’s wheel is securely lashed so it won’t move. I figured I better try to debunk this. “I’ll go up and see if I can get it to move.” Later we discovered immediately after I say this we captured another Class A EVP “Damn You!” My, the Captain was still upset with me. Take a listen here.           I go above deck and grab the ship’s wheel. It’s lashed on both sides and only has a couple inches of play. I pull hard back and forth. I called down to see if that made the rudder post move. “Anything?” “Nope. Not a bit.” Now you might think, OK, this is just movement from the water creating some turbulence and causing either the rudder or the wheel to move. But not only could I not recreate the movement by leaning with all my weight on the wheel but the movement of the rudder post completely stopped while we were standing in the room watching it. The rudder post didn’t budge the entire time we stood there watching it, waiting for it to rotate. We could not debunk this phenomenon. I’m leaving this as unexplained but I believe the spirits were definitely messing with us.  We took several still photos of the room while this activity was occurring. In one shot we captured this amazing light anomaly zooming across the room. There were no bugs on the ship and this anomaly only appeared in one shot, so I doubt it was dust or a reflection.                  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                  Where were we? Oh yes, trying to set up our Spirit Box and digital voice recorders. Sometimes you just got to go with the flow and go where the activity takes you. We figured the Captain was telling us he was still in charge of this vessel. Could he make the rudder post move on command? Would he? With all our equipment running, I asked, “Captain, was that you and could you please make the post move again for us?” Immediately, we heard the now familiar “Groaannn.”  “Thank you, Captain.” OK, maybe we squealed a little. Not only did it do it instantly after I asked him to but this was the last time during our investigation the rudder post moved.  That’s pretty relevant because if it had been a strong current or tidal interference the rudder post would continue to move intermittently. Listen for yourself..      It remained quiet the rest of the night.  I continued to ask the Captain questions but received no more responses. I was pretty sure that he was done talking. We wanted to see who else might be with us.  “If this is not the Captain, then to whom are we speaking?” A moment later..”Patrick”. This was great, but I wanted some answers.  I wanted to know what they were “hiding” from us. My mind raced with a hundred possibilities, all of them nefarious.. It must have been some contraband smuggled aboard the ship long ago. One can’t help but think about pirates and treasure. Who knows what sort of “booty” could have hidden  on an old ship like the Star? It’s at this point we all noticed we had a strong metallic taste in our mouths. Gunpowder? Ah Ha! They were smuggling gunpowder! That definitely could be a very dangerous cargo.  I researched into the Euterpe’s Logbook Collection, which is in the archive of the MacMullen Library and Research Archives and the Star ( then Euterpe) did at one time haul gunpowder, but the logbook did not state where they got the gunpowder. Alright, where does one acquire gunpowder in the 19th century? China, I would guess. With recorders and Spirit Box running, “Where did you get the gunpowder, and from where?” The answer came on the Spirit Box.. “China”.   Listen                                                                                                                                  It’s really amazing to receive this much validation. We had physical movement of the rudder post that rotated on command and then stopped. We had a Class “A” EVP saying “Damn You!” possibly from the Captain. We had voices from the Spirit Box answering our questions intelligently. Remember, the bandwidths are sweeping backwards to eliminate the chance of stray radio voices coming through causing false positives. It was getting late.  It was time to do what we are called to do, and that’s provide guidance in crossing spirits and sending them Home. Doing so in a haunted location does not create a vacuum and render a place devoid of paranormal activity. When done with Love and the right intentions of helping spirits who wish to return Home, I believe it actually creates some sort of portal and spirits communicate that there are folks on this side who wish to learn, talk, and help if possible. I think crossing spirits ATTRACTS other spirits to a location who might also need help. Kimberly called in her Angels and we all focused on filing the room with Love and Light.  We thanked the crewmen for speaking with us. We told them their job was done, it was time to head  Home at last.. With the Spirit Box and recorders still going… Kimberly..”Reach out your hands and find that your family is there waiting for you.” Spirit Box.. “Hi Mom.” Kimberly..”Your time is served, you are now free to go Home.” Spirit Box..”Thank You.” And then the most silent bit of silence I’ve ever heard from the Spirit Box….there were no pops. no sputters, no static…  .He was just…gone……… Cue the tears and goosebumps..  Grab a tissue and give a listen..   I would like to add that the day after we concluded our investigation in which we captured this amazing evidence on a spirit box, or Frank’s Box, Frank Sumption, the founder and inventor  of this device, passed away. Although I never had the chance to meet him I know the paranormal community is feeling his loss and it was his genius that made this experience possible. Thank you, Frank..         We couldn’t top that Spirit Box experience.  It was late and time to call it a night. Time to find our wayward security guard and help him go through all the decks and set the alarm. Remember, it was only his 4th day on the job. Packed up and ready to hit the showers and a soft bed, we disembarked the lovely Star of India and expected our security guard to be there. Nobody. The guard has three ships to patrol so we headed out to the Berkeley. Calling out..”John! Where are you?” I decided to call his phone. “Hello, this is John.” Yeah, We’re finished up here on the Star and we need you to lock up.” Laughing, “Did you find any “ghosties”? “Yes, it was incredible. We had a ton of activity. This ship is alive with spirits.” Awkward silence….. Then in a softer tone.. “No Shit?” Obviously John is now thinking about all those decks, all those dark places on the ship. “You’re already off the ship?” “Yeah, we need to head out because we have to leave in about 4 hours so we need you to lock up and turn on the alarm.”    Silence… “Um. go ahead, I’ll just leave any lights on and set the alarm, OK?” I guess the security guard was a little spooked about being all alone on a haunted ship.. I wonder if he made it there a full week…..               OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                      Vintage Frigate sailing into a fog bank

Paranormal Investigation aboard the Haunted Sailing Ship Star of India Part 1

          Vintage Frigate sailing into a fog bank                            Star of India is the world’s oldest active sailing ship. She was built at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863. Iron ships were relatively new for that time then, with most vessels still being built from timber. She originally bore the name Euterpe,the Greek muse of music and poetry.

 The Euterpe was a full-rigged ship until 1901, when the Alaska Packers Association rigged her down to a barque, her present rig.The advantage of these rigs was that they needed smaller (therefore cheaper) crews than a comparable fully rigged ship as there were fewer of the labour-intensive square sails, and the rig itself is cheaper. They were still very fast and she could travel from England to India and back in about 100 days. Can you imagine such a journey? She began her sailing life with two near-disastrous voyages to India. On her first trip she suffered a collision and a mutiny. On her second trip, a cyclone caught Euterpe in the Bay of Bengal, and with her topmasts cut away, she barely made port. Shortly afterward, the captain died on board and was buried at sea.

 After such a hard luck beginning, Euterpe made four more voyages to India as a cargo ship. In 1871 she was sold again and embarked on a quarter century of hauling emigrants to New Zealand, sometimes also touching Australia, California and Chile. She made 21 circumnavigations in this service, some of them lasting up to a year. It was rugged voyaging, with the little iron ship battling through terrific gales, “laboring and rolling in a most distressing manner,” according to her log.

 Life aboard the Euterpe was difficult for the sailors, cooped up in her ‘tween deck, fed a diet of hardtack and salt junk, subject to malnutrition, seasickness, and a host of other ills. It is astonishing that their death rate was so low. They were a tough lot, however, coming from the working classes of England, Ireland and Scotland. Her name was changed to Star of India in 1906 and after 60 years of solid performance in 1923, she became the crown jewel of the San Diego Maritime museum, where she remains today as a floating piece of history.                            100_1116                            We arrived in the afternoon and walked into one of the shops that stands next to the Star of India. The store was crowded with white suited sailors fresh off their ship and they were eager to do some shopping. I was asking the clerk , I don’t know, something, and I noticed my body began to sway back and forth, as if rolling on a ship’s deck. The store IS located within a ship but it’s securely docked. I looked at all the sailors, they weren’t swaying so I figured they had their sea legs. Now I’m swaying quite a bit, back and forth, and I really felt as though I was going to get knocked off my feet. And the worst part was I couldn’t do a thing about it! It was like some kind of out of body experience. I knew I was doing it, I felt like an idiot swaying to and fro but was unable to control my actions. Finally I grabbed onto the counter and stared wide-eyed at the clerk. Yeah, she was looking at me funny, too.. I managed to gain control and as we walked out, Kimberly asks me, “So what was THAT all about?” She saw me swaying and she had begun swaying too. Was something trying to communicate with us already? I’ve never felt like that before. I was feeling like I was slipping out of body non consensually, unable to control the swaying, but realizing I was doing it and helpless to stop myself from tumbling to the floor. The spirits of the Star of India knew we were coming, alright..That was weird.. We started our lockdown by being escorted by one of the Star’s docents, Dave. Dave walked me through the ship’s four decks and located the light panels and alarm system. “I’m gonna be gone, and it’s the security guard’s 4th day on the job, and the first three didn’t have much training. Make sure when you’re ready to leave that you show him where these panels are and make sure he sets the alarm. If you need to leave in a hurry and you’re running down the plank, the gate won’t be locked, just push through it.” Wait.. What? Has he had people running off the ship in a hurry? Dave wouldn’t say.. Still wondering if I was going to be running screaming down a poop deck in the middle of the night, we set up our base in the galley and then we headed down below deck. This is another reason I wanted some ambient lights on. Have you tried to navigate a ship’s steep stairs with a thin rope for a rail? Do that in complete darkness? Yeah, I don’t think so! Besides, it’s a museum too, and I don’t want to break anything. We walked from stem to stern taking still digital shots. I felt drawn to crawling into every nook and cranny of the ship. It just felt as though they were somehow hiding from us. Sure enough, the cameras began malfunctioning. It was as though they were deliberately causing the equipment failure. The camera would turn on, I’d point in the direction I wanted to photograph and Boom, the camera would lock up. We had three separate battery drains as well. I had made sure all the equipment had fresh batteries before we started. The batteries would go from a full charge to completely drained in a matter of minutes. It’s a common occurrence for electronic equipment to drain or malfunction with the presence of paranormal activity. I believe they do this to gather energy from an external source in order to manifest either visually or audibly. Remember, spirits have no physical body so in order to be seen or for you to hear a disembodied voice or to create an EVP, they need an external source of energy. I also believe they sometimes just like to screw with us. I believe they mess with equipment when they don’t want to be caught on camera. Spirits are very resourceful that way..                                    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             So began a cat and mouse type game of bangs in one room across ship, equipment malfunctioning, basically leading us from one end of the ship to the other. We decided to regroup on the main deck. With cameras behaving themselves now, we began taking more still shots. Kimberly’s sister Michelle noticed she was getting a lot of orbs immediately in the vicinity of the lifeboat. “Come here, Look at these!” Michelle called excitedly. Over the course of several consecutive shots, dozens of orbs would suddenly appear around the lifeboat, then in the next frame slightly disperse, then be gone completely by the fourth shot. There was no dust and very little breeze, so we ruled out dirt contamination. I would take several shots of the same boat with a similar camera to no avail. The orbs only appeared when Michelle took the pictures. With activity seeming to center close to the lifeboat, we figured this would be a good time and place to conduct an impromptu seance. Each of us gathered a chair and we sat in a circle. We relaxed our minds and allowed ourselves to slowly focus on the spirits around us. Silently we invited them to join us. I let my eyes fall slightly out of focus ( and at my age that’s pretty darn easy) and I gazed up at the elaborate rigging in the masts. Slowly taking shape aloft in the rigging lines and beams were shadowy shapes. I gazed a little longer and I could see the haggard, barefoot sailors staring back at us. They looked at our group with what I can only describe as a bit of disdain, they looked thoroughly unimpressed with these ladies trying to demand and order them about. Just then I distinctly heard the words “Bilge Rat” ! It seems the pecking order of sailing ships is certainly Captain, crew, THEN female ghost hunters! This was going to be harder than I thought. We had been politely asking for general information from the crew but it seemed being polite little women was getting us nowhere fast. Now we didn’t want to stoop to the level of harassing or taunting, that’s just rude and unnecessary. We needed to rethink our approach. Who would the Captain respect enough and answer their questions? On a whim we thought “Let’s tell him we’re from the ship’s owners and we’re here to make a report.” We didn’t really expect it to work but thought, Hey, let’s give it a try. We Googled one of the several owners of the Star and took a guess about the timeline, picking the Shaw, Savill and Alboin Line. ( She was still the Euterpe during the 19th century ). We had Margaret’s husband James in his best British accent,call out into the night air, “We’ve come from the Shaw Co and we need to ask you some questions. We need to make a report and we need you to comply, Captain.” I was sitting with my back to the Captain’s quarters. It had a small window and short, cotton curtains with the lamp’s light glowing through. Kimberly faced the Captain’s quarters. Her eyes widened, “Kitty, the curtains just moved!” I wheeled around to look. Sure enough, the tiny curtains were parting ever so slightly. There is no way any breeze can get into his quarters because of the wooden partitions inside the galley. We kept talking. “We need to ask you some questions, Captain.” The curtains opened a little more! We all saw this happening. We could have squealed with excitement but were trying to play it cool, you know….           100_1132                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I figured we had his attention but knew time was of the essence. We quickly relocated into the galley. We didn’t know how long we could keep the Captain’s attention. We started running several digital voice recorders and began an EVP session. The Captain’s presence could certainly be felt. Kimberly and I swore we could see him sitting on the galley’s sofa, glaring at everyone. It was in these first few minutes of recording we captured a Class A EVP saying, “Why did you lie to me?” We had made direct contact with the Captain of the ship and he understood what we had said! Apparently, the Captain did not appreciate being duped! Listen to the EVP we captured here ..Is this the Captain asking,  ” Why did you lie to me?” What will the rest of the evening hold? Coming soon.. Part 2..  If you want to see more of our investigations,  evidence and upcoming events, please check out our Facebook page at and please visit my website at !                     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                         100_1111                     

The Curious Reading of a grieving mother, her son, and BUGS!

Every once in a while I have a client who touches my heart. A mediumship reading that changes the way we look at  Death, and what  happens on the other side of the veil. This reading reminds me we are all psychically  connected. Death of the physical body doesn’t mean a total disconnect from loved ones. I am reminded that we’re part of a bigger picture, a larger existence. The following reading  just blew my mind.   The reading is factual. I have changed their names for privacy. The client was a beautiful young woman.  “Debbie” had tragically lost her son “Charlie” when he was just 5 years old. Debbie  told us up front she was wishing to connect with her deceased son.  Debbie has another young son “Robert” who is now about 5 .  Debbie had a feeling that somehow Charlie was communicating with Robert and had many questions.  Often when a client comes in for a mediumship reading, they do have a particular someone with whom they would like to connect.   As a medium, I let them know I ask for Spirit to come forward because they, the client, is grieving, misses them, and just wants to know they are OK. We can’t guarantee who might show up, it’s up to Spirit!  So Debbie takes a seat and  we make her comfortable. I decide to stand over Debbie to hold sacred space.  Almost immediately a grandmother figure steps forward. Grandma’s are often hanging around, protecting and watching over family. They take great pride in their duties! I have even seen Grandma try to push Angels out of the way, stating that’s a Grandma’s job!  While Debbie was pleased to have Grandma watching over her, she really wanted to connect with Charlie. Was he OK?  Is he safe? What mother wouldn’t?   I’m asking, I’m looking, I’m not seeing Charlie. I’m standing on one side of Debbie. Grandma’s spirit stands on the other. So I ask Grandma, “Where’s Charlie?”  I look down at Grandma’s hands. Still soft yet knarled, more than a lifetime of hugs and baking contained in those hands. I keep looking. I begin to see two tiny child’s hands clasped in hers. His hands are all I can see, no body. I ask my guides “Why is this all I see of Charlie?” This is where practice and experience of a medium enter the picture.  Grandma holds the essence of Charlie.  His soul has gone on to another life. The embodiment of Charlie is only his hands lovingly held in Grandma’s.  I tell Debbie  “He had a lifetime of love from you.  He is with another family. He remembers all the love you gave him and has carried that with him.     OK, All well and good. We have a protective Grandma. We know Charlie is at peace. The essence of Charlie remains due to his mother’s love.   A wonderful reading so far..  Then as I’m looking over Debbie, I see what can only be described as little bugs or flies buzzing around her head. “OK, That’s weird” I tell myself.  How do I explain flies? Mentally, Charlie is insisting I tell Debbie about these flies.  Really?  Flies sound bad. Too Lord of the Flies. “Debbie, what’s with the bees?” I keep seeing little bugs flying around you and he keeps telling me he makes you see them.” Are you finding bugs in odd places ? Charlie keeps telling me he brings them to you and you know they’re from him.” Debbie bursted into tears.  “Charlie would draw bugs and insects all the time.”  “We still have some of his drawings!”  Wonderful!  “But Debbie, he’s telling me he still brings them to you. Where are you seeing them?”  Debbie breaks down crying.    She tells us Robert, her little boy she has now, has begun drawing the same style of little bugs!  Speaking through her tears, Debbie says  Robert told her Charlie showed him how to draw these little bugs!  Perfect!  That’s Charlie’s way of connecting and letting you know he’s OK!   Sobbing. Debbie asks, “How could you know that?” About the bugs he drew?    Unable to resist a  psychic’s  favorite joke, I tell  her, “It says psychic on my business card!”   It’s encounters such as these that instill what a blessing it is to connect to Spirit.  To see a mother’s tears of relief and joy knowing her little boy is moving on in his journey. Yet he loved her so much he still sends her little drawings of bugs…. We are all connected. A physical body will end. Souls may go on to other lives or even ascend to a higher realm.  Loved ones will always be with us in some way.  Every time we think of them, their soul is with us. When we hear their favorite song. When we are compelled to  make a dish they used to make. We may see yellow roses seemingly everywhere, Grandma’s favorite. That’s Spirit.  Remember there ARE NO COINCIDENCES.. Everything happens for a reason!   Embrace the journey!    If you would like to find out more about me or want information about psychics and readings, visit my website                            statue of a sad woman in cemetery                                           White woman ghost stay on her grave                                                  SyntekExifImageTitle