Dave Shrader from Darknessradio with a haunted doll

Dave Shrader from Darknessradio with a haunted doll

Haunted objects DO exist!     While attending a paranormal conference on the Queen Mary,  The event hosts often hold charity auctions. They sell autographs,  private investigations,  memorabilia, and occasionally , um, haunted objects. This dainty little doll had an especially creepy history.  The previous owner bought from a thrift store to give to her daughter.  She sat her on the shelf with all the other toys…  The mother would walk by her child’s room to see all the toys knocked to the floor and this creepy little harmless looking doll sitting all alone on the shelf!   The daughter frequently would refer to the doll as ” angry” and “bad doll” .  Needless to say,  bidders clambered at the chance to own her and when the gavel came down,  she sold for an amazing 300.00.  Lucky new owners?  Who knows…?