Paranormal investigation basic equipment 101 digital recorder

  • A few solid basics and a skeptic,yet open mind ,is what makes a good paranormal investigator. Let’s start with basic equipment and discuss why these should be in every ghost hunter’s kit. 1.Flashlight. Seems obvious, but always carry a small flashlight and extra batteries. Safety may be doing a daytime investigation but may encounter dark stairways, check under foundations,and  be  looking in creepy basements and closets! 2. Digital recorder. I prefer these little Olympus recorders, Olympus 4100 pc. There are many good brands, just make sure it has a pc outlet, so you can download  the audio onto your computer.I personally also use several digital recorders running at the same time. I have found I can get different EVPs on different recorders while recording simultaneously!
    Now some paranormal circles will tell you that these and other digital recorders do not produce electronic voice phenomena that would stand up to scrutiny. They feel the lack of internal filters and the limited specifications of Olympus models makes them a tad “unbridled” for research use. My theory, and I base this on years of field use and remarkable results is..That’s what I like about these recorders! My feeling is the lack of internal filters allows the recorder to pick up more raw data than a model that is designed to filter out what it considers undesirable. It’s like taking your film to 1 hour photo ( who remembers these? ) and having the clerk toss out all those white blobs in the photos you took at that haunted house. Those may have been the shots you wanted! Now this is where knowing how to debunk and control as many variables as possible comes into play. You have to know what is an EVP and what was some person talking in the hall. If you are concerned about outside electrical and magnetic interference, than you can put your recorder inside a Faraday cage. It’s a pouch, really, made up of metallic cloth tight enough to block incoming electromagnetic fields. But exactly how do recorders collect sound?How a microphone works: sound waves put pressure on carbon, the compressed carbon generates electricity. In the case of tape, this goes to the recording head, which is a magnet, and that re-aligns the iron atoms on the tape.In the case of digital, the electric signal goes to what is called an analog to digital converter, which then writes 1s and 0s to some storage device such as an SD card. This is also a magnetic form of storage. The only other options are optical (like a CD/DVD; a laser actually burns a hole in the aluminum in the CD) or completely analog, like a victrola.

    So in most of the cases you are dealing with, we would have to be talking about the generation of either electrical or magnetic fields-which are basically the same thing, as well proven by Faraday and Maxwell (light too, believe it or not). This would have to be a particular signal (usually device specific) or you’d just get static or distorted noise. Too strong of an electric signal could damage a component, too much magnetism could erase things (especially on tape).

    Spirits create EVPs by manipulating the electromagnetic fields in the digital converter for a digital recorder. Some of the earliest EVPs were captured on old reel to reel tape recorders. The tape is coated with magnetized iron oxide.

    Cameras-film works by a chemical reaction between light and the film, digital works by light creating an electrical charge on a sensor that is then written to magnetic media.

    Filters-these can be pretty simple, just a couple of components (a capacitor would do in the simplest case, maybe add an inductor) and all they do is exclude certain frequencies-such as the higher frequencies perceived as “static” or “noise”-the filter only admits frequencies below the frequency of the filter. Much fancier filters are possible but not really of much use in a handheld voice recorder.

    So what I am saying is that yes, imprinting a voice or any sound on a recorder requires some idea of how it works. Know how to control your surroundings when doing EVP sessions on location. Toss out anything questionable, and good luck!
    Here are some examples of the same recording session, different EVPs. But they do sound like the same angry lady spirit!  Same time, different recorders.  And               100_0345                    100_0344                            White woman ghost stay on her grave               And this is personal experience but this tip was shared with me by EVP experts Mark and Debbie Constantino, It seems you get better results if you hold the recorder in your hand as opposed to setting on a table or shelf. I think it just creates a better connection to spirit if you hold it.        To read more stories of the paranormal, please visit my website at