Paranormal Investigation Dave Oman residence Benedict Canyon Part 2

In my previous blog I talked about visiting Dave Oman’s house with famed psychic Chris Fleming. We were  able to capture  what we think is the voice of Sharon Tate while using a Spirit Box. We had EVP sessions that told us they were able to see the Angels that protect and guide Chris Fleming. EVPs of “Thank You ” recorded while saying a prayer to help carry the trapped spirits  Home.  So of course I was delighted when Dave Oman invited me and  my team back to his home for a subsequent investigation.   What would our next visit hold?  The Oman residence is consistent in it’s paranormal activity, if it is anything.  Dave Oman has a unique relationship with the spirits who come and go throughout his property.  Dave Oman has a genuine  respect for  the spirits  and not only communicates with them in a present tense as if they are family, but refuses to let visitors or investigations  refer to those murdered as merely victims.  I think this is important to remember while doing ANY investigation.  Spirits are not there for our amusement.  Spirit is not there so we can provoke and taunt  them so we’ll have some awesome evidence to post on U Tube.  These were somebody’s  family members,so  treat them with respect.  That being said, there are multiple levels of energies  within the residence and  throughout Benedict canyon. Our group is comprised mostly of psychics and sensitives and we can see what’s out there. The canyon holds  dark  Elemental energies that flow like slimy leeches in some gruesome river at the bottom of Benedict canyon.   There is also a strong  protective Native Spirit energy that watches over the darker energies and keeps them at bay.  As Dave walked us through his home, looking out onto the canyon through huge expansive windows, we could see  the protective spirits watching us.  They looked to us like  scouts hiding behind the rocks, peering out….   If you know  that a Native Earth energy is present, bring an offering. It’s a good will gesture. We brought some Native sweet tobacco and some sage. As we placed the offerings,  several of us felt  the knowing pins and needles tingling  on our sides.  We feel this is Spirit getting to know our intentions and motives.  I find it similar to a welcome. A good start! Here is an EVP we captured here during a previous investigation with Chris Fleming at Dave’s home. We have captured this EVP a few times here. This is the clearest. We believe this is a horse belonging to a Native American   The most  active part of the house for poltergeist activity  is on the top floor. Here sits a huge aquarium festooned with figurines from horror movies.  Of all the figures, a battered Beetlejuice figure takes the brunt of abuse. It gets knocked over on a daily basis. We set up a static camcorder to document, and set a RemPod close to Beetlejuice. As  Dave is recounting past experiences the RemPod begins alarming. What’s funny is the RemPod seemed to alarm in response to Dave’s  remarks!  We unplugged the aquarium lights and left only one filter running and  debunked any disturbances of electromagnetic fields.   The entire time we were investigating the RemPod was merrily  beeping and  alarming all the while.  Walking through the house I was drawn to go down a long, dark hallway. Of course! I felt compelled to place my hand against the back block wall, which is a wall that butts up against the hillside.  The sensation was so weird,  it felt like something was moving on the other side, trying to find a way inside!  We conducted a quick EVP session. When I asked if they were trying to get in, both investigator Kimberly Rinaldi and myself  both heard laughing!  And not a pleasant laugh, but a creepy evil clown type laugh! Icky!  We got nothing  on the recording.   We played the recording back and were discussing this  evil laugh  we heard with our ears. At this time the lights in the hall started flickering off and on…on and off…all while we talked about the creepy laugh and how something wanted to get in…  Dave checked the switch and assured us the lights don’t normally act like this, indeed they all light up on one panel, not intermittently flash  on and off.   As soon as we stopped talking, the lights all went on and stayed on..  CREEPY…   All the while our RemPod has been regularly  beeping upstairs.  We ascend the staircase to find, sure enough, Beetlejuice is toppled over.  Rewinding the tape we see something interesting. Just before the Beetlejuice falls, the fish in the tank start swimming frantically, as if something is after them!  The RemPod surprisingly did NOT alarm when Beetlejuice  fell.  Why spirit abuse this one figure remains a mystery but it has been recorded countless times falling while nothing else is disturbed atop the aquarium.   I feel bringing sensitives and psychics this trip helped us connect with the protective energies more than specific human spirits this visit.  The Oman residence contains multiple layers of energies and many spirits. It also has unexplained magnetic anomalies in areas of the house.  This house is consistently active thanks in part to Dave Oman’s respect and acceptance of these spirits. This makes the Oman residence a valuable training tool for multiple investigations. By conducting multiple investigations over a period of time we hope to find what makes paranormal activity happen and when. We can study the conditions under which paranormal activity occurred and control as many variables as possible.  I humbly thank Dave Oman  for his hospitality and hope to return soon.        If you would like to find out more about me, visit my website     and visit me on Twitter Paranormal Kitty (@kitty_janusz) on Twitter                                                                       100_0556                                                    100_0516                                         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Paranormal Investigation of Dave Oman residence. Benedict Canyon Part 1

In order to understand the uniqueness of the Oman residence on Cielo Dr. from a paranormal standpoint, we must attempt to understand  the location and it’s rich history. Located up in the Hollywood hills, above the Hollywood sign, above the famed Hollywood Hotel, Benedict canyon is  a place plagued  by  an abundance of hauntings and Dark Hollywood.  Benedict canyon was home to Hollywood’s elite, whose lives soared, only to come crashing down all too prematurely and  often tragically.  Just a stone’s throw from the Oman house sits what remains of  Falcon’s Lair, home to Rudolph Valentino. Valentino was the Silent Era’s glamour boy, dying much too soon. Falcon’s Lair is reportedly extremely haunted, even though just a  shell of the original home exists.  This  canyon is where  TV’s first superman. George Reeves, was found dead from a gunshot wound June 16th, 1959. Initially dubbed a suicide, it seems something  sinister was involved and a coverup  by authorities was afoot.  (Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves, 2007 )  Reeve’s fingerprints were not found on the gun nor was there any gunshot residue found. Additionally, several bullet holes were found in the floor of his bedroom, hardly depicting a suicide…. His case was never officially solved. …. The history of Benedict canyon turns ever darker on the night of Aug 9th, 1969.  A home at the address of  10050 Cielo Dr.  became the stuff of nightmares.  Seeking revenge on music promoter Terry Melcher,  Charles Manson sent  members of his “family” to  wreak havoc and bloody mayhem. Not finding Melcher, the home was rented to Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. That night,  Steven Parent,  Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski,  Jay  Sebring, and a pregnant Sharon Tate were brutally stabbed and murdered. Chanting,  “Someone’s going to die tonight,” still echoes in the wind in Benedict canyon sometimes….        But why all this  tragedy?      Why this canyon?        No surprise  the  U. S.  Geological Survey  (USGS)  lists this canyon as  a  geomagnetic anomaly. Although the USGS states the hills are geologically too young to have either large deposits of  iron or  magnetite, Benedict canyon still emits strong, positively polarized magnetic fields. This  not only  makes for a “Fun House ” effect  but can render instruments useless.  Large magma deposits were also discovered during construction,  adding to the magnetic mayhem.  Construction of the Oman residence  was quite a challenge, to say the least.  Built into the canyon side,  it required huge support beams  driven into the ground. It is four stories, stepping up the canyon. Remember all that magma, magnetic  polarities, and now you drive metal support beams  into the ground. Add a 30 foot metal spiral staircase  and that’s what I call a paranormal antenna!!   Many psychics and sensitives including myself feel quite the “Fun House” effect going into the Oman residence.   Dave  Oman’s house first gained notoriety when featured on Ghost Hunters  2007.  it was here that noted psychic Chris Fleming  introduced Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson to the home  and showed us how to use a  K2 meter for simple “yes” “no”  communication. A poor man’s electric Ouija board, if you will.  We all remember seeing Tango get the chills when he receives his first response from the K2.  This footage also showed us Chris Fleming validating through spirit communication that Jay Sebring  was indeed one of the spirits inhabitating  the home.  Localized  temperature drops on command and EVPs were also documented.       6 years later,  I  had the privilege of  joining  Chris Fleming on a return  visit to Dave’s home in Feb. 2013.  he invited only 6 of us, and even though I was running a high fever I was NOT going to miss this!!   Dave greeted us in his bouncy gracious manner, and gave us  a tour of the hot spots.  A  cameraman documented  most of the evening’s events.      ( see UTube)   One of the most rewarding moments was during a Spirit box session. Dave Oman handed me a hand-written letter by Sharon Tate to her mother.  As I read it aloud, I couldn’t  help but feel a strong connection to her. We asked if she could talk to us. The voice that came forth was a distraught female voice “They won’t let me.” Listen here.  We also conducted several short EVP sessions with some success.   To explain what happened during one of the EVP sessions  you have to understand  some of Chris’s methodology. Chris’s psychic and mediumship work  has him partner with spirit guides and Angels.  I am not here to provoke a religious debate.   I have personal experience with assistance  from the other side of the veil. What many call  Angels I  think of as very  high  vibrational energies.  Chris had been doing a short EVP session  and in the playback you can hear spirit say “Oh my God”. The next EVP session brought a wonderful “I see Angels”! Chris teared up knowing that the Angels who guide him could be seen by spirits ! Amazing!  Later in the evening,   just three of us were in a small room, conducting more EVP sessions.  One of the responses asked for help.   It is a moral obligation to try to help those spirits who ask for help, but also offer help when they can’t ask.   This is when we say a Prayer for the Dead.  It can be any sincere,  heartfelt  request  for those Above to please come and carry them Home. Chris had his  recorder running when we gave our prayer….. To please have those loved ones,  the Angels. reach out, and take the hands of those and carry them Home. Of course, we  were crying,  you better be if you’re doing it right!  When Chris played back the prayer, you could hear  “Thank You”s scattered throughout the recording.  More tears!   It’s  that kind of relationship with Spirit that we all should reach for.  To communicate, to get answers, and most importantly,   to  help those on both sides of the veil!!    What will our next visit bring us?   Stay tuned….    and visit my website                                                                                 Left-and-forgotten                                                                 100_0159                                                      100_0344

Why do YOU Investigate Haunted Places??

Ghosts and Spirits are experiencing a bit of a renaissance in recent years,  even  though it’s been  over a century since the Spiritualist Movement.  The steamroller of reality tv brings  us all the glamour that infrared and heavy editing will allow in an hour format. Folks can begin to think a paranormal investigation is a fun adrenaline rush.  But this newfound influx of researchers  and  popularity can make it difficult to find dedicated people willing to work for their credibility.   So let’s  take a look at the serious and the curious and where everyone stands in all this.   Some people just want to dip their toes in the paranormal water, so to speak.  Beginners  or flashlight toting amateurs are out for a personal experience.  Their approach is similar to what author Jeff Belanger refers to as “Legend Tripping”.   In Belanger’s book, Legend Tripping,  “Folklore is about story and oral tradition, paranormal investigation is about trying to apply science to something that can’t be measured by current means.  Legend Tripping is about the experience and the adventure.”   These folks are looking for  a personal experience.  Any experiences they encounter are for them alone. Little documentation or research is done and most activity encountered becomes little more than great stories.  At this level it becomes difficult to expand knowledge to a larger skeptic audience, much less credibility with their peers. But it’s a fun way to spend a vacation!!         Are your motives to seek evidence?  To offer help and healing to those on both sides of the veil?  To find answers to some really big questions about consciousness, the afterlife, and maybe Life’s origins?  This type of investigator may take a more technical approach when studying locations.  This is what we see mainly in our popular reality shows.  We research a location’s history. Why might it be haunted? Could the geographical location be causing electromagnetic anomalies instead of spirit activity?  Could the materials of which the location is constructed be holding  ambient energies?  ( see my blog on Stone Tape Theory )  We do our best to illicit a technical and skeptical mindset while conducting experiments,  trying to control as many variables as possible.  We base our findings  on the data provided by impartial equipment.  You have to remember paranormal investigating is primarily measuring energy and fluctuations   in energies. These investigators do their best to measure something that by it’s spiritual nature cannot be measured by Empirical methods. In many circles,  paranormal investigators are not considered true scientists, and therefore their findings are not always taken seriously or  found credible. Too bad…         They fall into a category I like to call Field Investigators.   Not  scientists,  in the true sense of the word, but doing a good job within their means and abilities. If they are conscientious,  I won’t be a snob and snub their efforts.  Doing a true scientific experiment involves building  a hypothesis,  setting up an experiment with controlled variables, study findings, repeat experiment, and report results.   Not always possible when the paranormal is so spontaneous, or at least we don’t know everything involved to make hauntings occur.  So where does a dedicated, credible, knowledgable, amateur ghost hunter stand in all this quagmire and confusion??   No one should be ashamed of being a ” Field Investigator”   Evidence gathering and sharing that evidence will drive the paranormal field forward.  Evidence gathered responsibly gets us closer to answering really big questions…..    Success will unite the paranormal field. When so much irrefutable  evidence becomes available and is shared in a central database, the sciences of Metaphysics ,  Quantum physics will unite and embrace the Paranormal.  Whether believers or skeptics, we must move beyond our comfort zone to understand  how science is subject to social, religious, and cultural influences.   We can broaden our understanding of how the Universe works and how we are all cosmically connected.  I think the author and poet Edgar Allan Poe  said it best :   “The boundaries which difine Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who is to say where one ends,  and the other begins? ”                                                                                                                                       ?????????????????????                                   Left-and-forgotten                                                Ghostly Gentleman                                               organ Whaley 3                                   download poe2

Patience in paranormal investigations

Patience is so necessary during any paranormal investigation. I prefer to return to the same location several times over the course of months,or even years. Don’t consider it a failure if you feel you get no activity or evidence. If you captured an awesome shadow,got an EMF spike,or heard some incredible disembodied voices every time,that should be suspect. Recognizing the anomalies is what will make you a better investigator. Embrace the quiet investigations,so when the EVPs come in,it makes it that much more credible!  For more information on paranormal investigations, please visit my website at                            OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                              Ghostly Gentleman                            organ Whaley 3                                    Left-and-forgotten