Angels and Olives.. Graber Olive House Paranormal Investigation Part 2

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              In my last blog on our paranormal investigation at Graber olive house, I have to say we were taken a bit by surprise. We knew their was an entity they referred to as “the Creeper”. We had already dealt with that creepy crawly suction cupped creature in the attic. But still I felt we were definitely not as prepared as we should have been for Graber house. That man’s mother being attacked in the packing room was evidence of that. That was certainly something much more aggressive, something much more..intelligent, than the “Creeper”.                                                                                                                                                          Our next visit to Graber house would require better boundaries and more protection…from above!  I’m talking Angels! Months had passed since we had last visited Graber house. Our next visit was in the Spring, when the olives are still growing and the sorting and packing equipment are silent. The vat room was just rows and rows of empty concrete curing vats. This time was going to be different. This investigation we would be bringing guests investigators  To Graber house. Some of the folks were experienced paranormal investigators, while some had never been on an investigation before and were curious beginners. Most knew a little about the spirits that resided at Graber house, and like most other paranormal investigators, they were out to find the Creeper! Going into a haunted location with the intent of provoking an aggressive spirit is simply asking for trouble. No matter how protected you think you are, it’s just never a good idea. If a spirit or lower vibrational energy takes a dislike to you, they CAN hurt you. I’ve personally witnessed people become suddenly violently ill, throwing up, developing stomach and chest pains. I’ve seen people pinched, poked and had objects knocked over in an effort to trip them in the dark. We decided if this Creeper or other aggressive energy presented themselves, we were not going to engage any type of interaction with them. It could just be too dangerous and I just don’t like letting them play games on their terms.  And while some of you are thinking that it would be “cool” to be poked or pushed by some unseen entity, the true danger lies in sometimes these entities will attach to you and yes, follow you home! No, No, No, It’s not fun! A clingy negative energy is like a sickness. It can affect your mood, your health, your relationships, and never in a positive way. Sometimes it can be so profound as to develop into mental illness and depression. Don’t risk it and know how to extricate one if you have to. We made a decision from a safety standpoint. Both Kimberly and I decided for this investigation we were going to bring in  higher vibrations. Doing this can be as simple as reciting a prayer beforehand to ask for protection, but we wanted to take it a step further. We stood together and called in our Angel guides. We wanted the big guns to protect us on this trip. We had not only our own safety to think about, but we had to consider our guests, some of them beginners. Their safety was paramount, and we wanted to ensure a good  first experience for the beginning ghost hunters!      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So confident in our protection and ready to have a good investigation, Kimberly and I drove up towards the location, picking up Kimberly’s sister along the way. As we’re rolling along the freeway, We both started hearing the distinctive clink, ching, clink, of loose change falling onto a hard surface. Clink. Plink. Clank. What? The car floor is carpeted. Clink. Um..Kimberly? Are we manifesting coins out of thin air..again? Um..yeah.. Chink..Ok, pennies from Heaven. I get it. That’s a good sign that someone is watching out for us from above! We pulled into her sister’s driveway. As I get out of the car I look at the driver’s side floor. There must have been 6 or 7 quarters and 2 pennies. ( Now that would be perfectly normal for MY car, but her car is always immaculate ) Pennies she had encountered before, but the quarters especially puzzled her. Pennies would manifest whenever her dad was watching over her. Kimberly had received many pennies sent from her dad’s spirit. But quarters? Kimberly’s sister snickered. “You asked Dad for pennies? I asked Dad to send me quarters! “ He always liked me better, she said!                                                 

Graber house consists of several buildings and storage areas connected by walkways. They were close enough that if some investigators split up and were on one part of the property, it was most likely they would unknowingly contaminate any audio other investigators were recording in another area. So we decided we would do all of our EVP sessions as a group to lessen the likelihood of audio contamination. Later when people start getting itching to investigate on their own, they could roam the grounds to take photos and get  their own feel for the place. Being secluded in a haunted location, you really get a feel of where it seems creepy, what corners seem foreboding. When you’re alone in that dark, shadowy room and you see a darker shadow growing in the corner, the hair standing on end and every tiny noise is amplified, that’s when you better have your cameras ready! And that’s why it’s important to have someone with you..For safety, as a witness, and to laugh at you when you pee your trousers..      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                   

So before we even start the evening we gathered everyone around to get all of us in the right frame of mind. A good exercise for this is what is called toning. Toning is a lot like chanting. This vocalization is especially good when you can lower your voice and really make your chest vibrate. By having all of us do this deep, chanting tones it creates an equality of vibration within all the participants. Sound is the closest vibration to physical matter and toning breaks up stress and clears the mind. Standing in a circle and holding hands, we did three, low chants. OOOOOoooommmmm.  OOOOOOoooommm.   OOOOOOoooommmm. We’ve experimented with placing a digital recorder in the center and recorded while toning. Try it, you’ll be amazed at the EVPs you’ll get. Spirits seem to be very curious about all this noise and we’ve been able to record some cool EVPs while toning. The spirit voices sounded like very excited chatter. “What are they doing?’ They must think.       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                 

I don’t know if it was the toning, or the fact we invited higher vibrations to join us but it was like many little eyes were watching us from the trees. From the bushes. I can’t say it felt threatening, more like a very Earthy, ancient woodland creature watching us curiously. It’s hard to describe but it was as though the land itself had noticed our presence  and was watching us, and indeed curious about what we were doing. Several of us noticed darting shadows and firefly type lights flitting about.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                 

While the feeling of the outside spirits seemed curious and friendly, that energy changed on a dime when we entered the vat rooms. It was a very unwelcoming vibe, like having some territorial guard dog staring you down. Kimberly, her sister and I had noticed one back corner was especially creepy and oppressive. While the others took a few minutes to snap some photos, the three of us went back into the corner. We wanted to know what kind of spirit or entity we were dealing with. All of a sudden, we noticed the air just seemed electric, like a static charge. This one corner had a tense, angry feel to it, and then we noticed the room’s peculiar smell, like that of sulfur and dog feces. This was in a food prep room so there was no evidence of raccoons or other vermin present. This vat room area is where the “Creeper “ is usually seen and photographed. I don’t believe this Creeper is something demonic, but something that crawls up walls and looks like some twisted alien spider is certainly not a long lost loved one, either. This whole vat room area, being 100 years old, can house many different layers of energies. A century  of hard work, pain, fatigue. 100 years of anger and arguments just swirling and waiting for a living being, an outside energy source from which to draw energy. That sudden smell of bile can be indicative of a demonic presence . We don’t play that game. I have no interest in engaging with demonic energies. Why give them the satisfaction? What they want is to be the center of attention. It empowers them.We don’t need that kind of drama, this is why we have personal and spiritual boundaries.  Quickly, the three of us said a quick prayer and called in Archangel Michael. We called in Angels to blind the room with Ethereal light. The results were amazing. In the length of a finger snap, the room spun, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of flowers!                                                                                                                                                           The negative feeling was still mildly present, but was retreating back into it’s corners, as if pouting.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We gathered everyone back together to do a short EVP session. We needed to inform the group that we felt there was a negative energy present, one, for safety’s sake and two, I wanted to steer the EVP questions in a very specific direction. We just went to all this trouble to push this negative energy or being back away from us and made our intentions clear we weren’t going to engage with such a being. The last thing I wanted was someone in the group asking, “ Is there ANYONE here who wants to talk? Make your presence known.” Yeah, let’s just invite it in, like some vampire movie! Just like using a Ouija board, if you intend and allow anything and anyone to come on in, they will, and you might not like who or what shows up. This EVP session was interesting for several reasons. I was very specific in whom I addressed. I only wanted to speak to deceased people, nothing else in this area. I didn’t want to invite anything dark into our circle. When you do an EVP session, you usually ask one or two questions and then pause a few seconds, to give the spirits a chance to respond. All I could hear was dogs barking and the resident peacocks yowling during the entire session. We played it back. Where an EVP should have been on the recording, we all heard what sounded like radio interference, like someone was jamming the airwaves. And peacocks. And dogs barking. I thought the whole session had been a waste until one of the investigators pointed out a strange coincidence. She said, “ Do you notice the peacocks and dogs only make noise when we’re recording? “ Now they’ve stopped. “ Hmm.. It was kinda quiet. Let’s try this again, maybe they just went to sleep. Nope. We tried recording again, only to have the peacocks start squawking  and the dogs start barking again! Every time we hit “record” some sort of audible interference would manifest. It was as though something was intentionally disrupting our ability  to communicate with the other side. Could it have been this negative entity somehow causing some sort of static interference? Was whatever negative force that lurked inside these 100 year old vat rooms angry that we didn’t want to interact with it and was still making it’s presence known by not allowing us to communicate with anything else? I’ve never encountered anything quite like that. I’ve had EVP sessions where when played back all you hear is static, like some sort of electromagnetic disturbance, but never static timed in specific spots on a recording. It was a little freaky, to say the least.                                                                                                                   We chalked this up as personal experience since static on a recording doesn’t prove the paranormal.       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We were anxious to get into the barn loft area as this is frequently a hotbed of paranormal activity. We waited until late in the evening because it had been so warm that day. even at 10:00 at night our Mel Meters were reading an ambient temperature of 84 degrees..With everyone seated in a large circle in the dimly lit attic I tried to get a feel for the room. I wanted to see if any spirits who had  worked at the Graber Olive house might still be hanging around. I could see a shadowy figure standing on the stairs leading up to the attic. There were strips of leather hanging on the walls and this spirit brushed up against them, making the straps sway in a ghostly breeze. I asked him to please join us in the room, but he seemed so shy, probably couldn’t figure out why a bunch of people were sitting in his attic space. Another investigator had set up a laser grid just past the stair landing. The green laser lights flickered when the spire walked past. This helped everyone in the room see where the spirit was moving and provided scientific documentation on what I was seeing. The shy spirit slipped against the wall and joined us, just watching. We had several pieces of equipment set up including a couple Mel Meters, a RemPod, and we were running our digital recorders. Okay, this is where things got a little..weird.. The energy in the room began to shift. It became more statically charged and we could feel a change in pressure. Kimberly was sitting to my right. All of a sudden, everyone in the room began seeing flickers and dashes of lights behind Kimberly. They were different colors, blue, white, green. I have seen color anomalies manifest around Kimberly when she calls in Angels. “Are you calling them in?” I asked “No, It’s not me.” Something was up. I began to feel someone standing behind me. I thought it might be the spirit who had come up the stairs deciding to come in closer. But then all of us started feeling as though someone was standing behind them. each person describing similar feelings, one person said it felt like a blanket was being wrapped protectively around her. As we sat there, being delighted by each of us having a personal experience, A few of us began to see some odd little spirit entities enter the room. Not one, not three, but more like twenty little spirits, elementals, I’m not sure what they were started BOUNCING into the room! Yes, I said BOUNCING! They appeared to be about two feet high and almost as wide, bouncing into the room. They looked like ghostly Oompa Loompas hopping about. Bouncy, bouncy ,bouncy. Then they discovered my RemPod. Beeeeeeeep! It started alarming like crazy. Now usually when there is a disturbance in electromagnetic fields, the RemPod merely beeps in a short burst. This RemPod was going off! It was alarming continuously and loudly. I think a few of these Oompa Loompa spirits must have been fighting over it,I really half expected it to fly across the room, they must have been tugging at it so hard. One of the docent investigators had just come up the stairs to see what all this noise was. The first thing he noticed was how charged the room felt. “Wow, this room really feels different.” I asked him with all this beeping and alarming going non stop if he had encountered a RemPod just alarming continuously like this. Nope. I asked the Oompa Loompas to step away from the device. No good. This had been beeping constantly for a good two or three minutes now. I figured I’d better try to debunk it by seeing if it had malfunctioned, but I kind of hated to take their new toy away from them. I picked it up and it still was beeping it’s alarm. A RemPod is only supposed to beep when something breaks it’s electromagnetic beam, like a motion detector. Something was physically touching it, something we couldn’t see. With the Beeping RemPod in my lap, I fumbled for the off switch. Before I could shut it off, the alarms stopped. I had taken their toy away, big meany. The energy was still crazy in the attic, we had beings standing behind each investigator, the worker spirit was still standing pinned against the wall, probably freaked out by now, and bouncy things were all over the place, and oh yeah, light anomalies were still flashing. The RemPod didn’t go off again, even though I said they could have it. Guess I spoiled their fun. With all that climactic  activity and then poof, nothing. All went quiet.                                                                                                                That’s usually the case in an investigation, activity reaches a peak and then winds down.                   They’d had their fun and gone home.    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There had been no more activity and by now we all decided to take a much needed water break.  The cool night air was a pleasant relief. We  sat outside, describing what personal experiences we had just had, all the while munching on S’Mores. Hey, I know how to wind up an investigation!  We were pretty much done with the evening, having had so much activity in such a short time. There was a short road on the property that leads to a small house. It has huge, ancient trees on either side. Oddly, everyone seemed drawn to this road all at the same time. It was as if the spirits were calling to us one last time. We all stared snapping photos and every one was filled with dozens of bright, glowing orbs. Now usually I am quick to debunk orbs of light as dust particles or bugs or pretty much anything oner than paranormal. But the fact that we all felt the energy, we all felt drawn to this exact spot at this exact time, something was reaching out to us. There were no bugs flying about and there was no dust on the road . It was just a magical end to a very special investigation. I really felt as though  ancient  earthly spirits had interacted with us that night. It was like no paranormal encounter I’ve ever witnessed. I felt truly blessed.                  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 If you enjoyed this blog, ( and all of it was true, even the oompa loompas!) please “like us on Facebook to see upcoming events at and check out my website at

Paranormal Ethics and Tools.. Standing Your Ground

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Let’s face an unpleasant truth. There is much in the realm of the paranormal and the metaphysical that we just don’t understand.There is stuff out there that is not only frightening, but there are entities, spirits, and energies that can harm us. There are things not of this world that can manipulate matter and energy to inflict physical pain, push, scratch, pinch, and cause abdominal pain and nausea. We teach ourselves and our children to be wary of people we don’t know. We talk about “Stranger Danger” and “Bad Touch”. But what about the things we cannot see, the things that go “bump” in the night? Who protects us from them? Investigating a haunted location is similar to preparing for battle. We prepare by researching the history of a location’s past and interviewing witnesses who have experienced something they could not explain. This information gives us insight as to who or what may be causing the reported activity. Detailed accounts of events can tell us if what they are experiencing is something resembling a residual haunting, which is a ghost or spirit energy that is just a memory, like a piece of film playing over and over with no conscience, no ability to interact. If witnesses are able to capture EVPs, or spirit voices caught in the white noise of an audio recording, if objects are moved and disembodied sounds are heard, then more of an intelligent haunting may be present. It may that of a loved one, perhaps Aunt Polly still puttering around the kitchen, making sure we copy her recipes to a tee. If such a spirit is attached to the property is present, the energy and the way they make us feel, the way their energy affects us may range from uneasiness to curious, to even welcoming or feeling comforted by their presence. I know my dad pops up every now and then and I hear his voice and feel his familiar presence. I find it comforting. But there are spirits and energies that may become protective and territorial. Entering into these locations will give you a definite feeling of uneasiness. They don’t want you in their space and will let you know about it.                         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                             Have you ever just gotten the creeps going into a place for no real reason? Have you been on an investigation and had continuous equipment failure, batteries drain, cameras malfunction, static and interference? You are in their territory now.. You never want to be the bully, but you don’t want to get pushed around, either. This is when you practice claiming your personal space, standing your ground, as it were. Don’t be arrogant or rude about it, being pushy doesn’t please anyone, alive or dead. Ignoring these fundamental guidelines is what gets paranormal investigators into trouble. That kind of attitude is what gets folks scratched, slapped, and pushed.    10609706_279117418950268_381136076789052422_n                      Dealing with aggressive energies or negative spirits is a lot like dealing with people with similar personalities. Don’t get pushed around but don’t antagonize, either….. Want to read more? Check out my website at

Infrasound and the Paranormal

Left-and-forgotten                       Infrasound is considered to be  audio frequencies below the range of human hearing. This is typically sound vibrations below 20 Hz. We humans have a relatively limited audible range. The human ear has a general hearing range from about 20 Hz to about 20,000 Hz. We’ve just evolved to use our other senses. You know those dog whistles that we can’t hear but we feel it shoot through our ears? Well low frequency sounds affect us in a similar way. We can feel them vibrating in our heads. Our tiny hairs within our ears can still pick up on them, but we can’t distinguish it as a distinct sound. The way we detect infrasound is not fully understood but it is believed we feel it’s vibrations rather than “hear” it. Low frequency sounds may be either man made or caused by natural sources. Some natural sources include, weather changes and barometric changes, lightning, volcanic eruptions, the waves hitting the shoreline, and even meteors. man made sources may be caused by machinery, cars, and especially fans or turbines pounding the atmosphere. The biggest variable between natural and man made infrasound levels is natural sources remain constant in intensity whereas man made sources fluctuate in their intensity. This is why it is always important to get baseline readings when entering a location. Take notice of fans, machines, windows, even a busy highway nearby may cause higher ambient infrasound. So why does this concern us, the paranormal investigator? Infrasound has become the latest hot topic when discussing “psycho-physiological interactions” between infrasound and human perception. Like EMF, recent studies have shown a link between infrasound and the appearance of apparitions, shadows, and other visual paranormal phenomena. It can also induce psychological reactions such as dread, fear, and the feeling of being watched. The most famous study regarding infrasound and the link to the paranormal is titled “ The Ghost in the Machine” ( The Ghost in the Machine, 1998, Tandy & Lawrence )             Sound waves set. Music background. EPS 10            The story goes something like this.. Tandy was working in a warehouse type building. Coworkers seemed to have a feeling of dread or discomfort in one part of the building and refused to work in that corner. One evening, Tandy found himself working alone in the building. He was getting ready to compete in a fencing competition. He needed to work on one of his fencing foils. ( picture the three Musketeers swords ) He placed it in a vice. When he turned around, he noticed the tip was bouncing up and down wildly! Some unseen force was making this foil vibrate. By moving it’s position, he found the amount of vibration would increase or decrease. Tandy discovered a faulty fan that was causing a steady vibration of low frequency sound that while he couldn’t hear, it was strong enough to affect solid matter in the room. Tandy proposed that exposure to infrasound at a level of around 19 Hz would induce psycho- physiological sensations that were perceived as paranormal experiences. He claimed he could create conditions that artificially caused a paranormal encounter. He based this not only by his own studies but by research conducted by the United States military and space programs. The claims were at a level of 19 Hz, the eyeball would vibrate leading to visual effects that could be interpreted as paranormal. Tandy’s hypothesis was tested in what was called the “Haunt” Project. (Bunton-Stasyshyn, Davis, French, and Haque )  Using Infrasound along with high EMFs, the experiment was to create an artificially “haunted” room. Specifically, the experiment sought to determine if exposure to infrasound in conjunction with electromagnetic fields could lead to reported anomalous sensations, compared to baseline conditions. Participants spent nearly an hour in this “haunted” room and reported their experiences. Many involved in the study ( 79%) reported experiencing dizziness or unusual sensations. These are often linked to infrasound exposure. Other participants said they could feel someone else in the room with them (22.8%) . So should we worry about Infrasound? The problem is not so much the existence of low frequency wavelengths in a location altering our perception but the ability to accurately measure such wavelengths. One must be able to accurately measure a room. Then one must figure out if the vibration is a traveling wave, such as what happens when someone shouts across a room, or is it a standing wave, one that has a continuous output of vibration and is trapped, bouncing back and forth through the room. The equipment to measure infrasound is not cheap, either. Then there are weighting filters to discuss, sampling rates to correlate, and it’s not just infrasound that starts giving you a headache. The point I’m trying to make here is yes, infrasound has been shown to somehow alter our visual perception and give us the feeling of the Heebie Jeebies.  I think in the case of something that may be difficult to accurately measure such as infrasound, always keep external factors in mind when something occurs that may initially seem paranormal. Be as scientific as you can by eliminating as many variables as possible in a location. I think in this instance, the best way to experiment with infrasound is to take out the human element in a location. Set up an experiment and bombard a location with infrasound for a set amount of time, I’d say at least 20 minutes. have digital recorders and camcorders running. Then remove all infrasound and take measurements again. See if anything anomalous occurs during the time you filled the area with infrasound. I think being away from the effects of these low frequency waves is the best way to determine if paranormal activity increases in it’s presence and not your imagination.

Paranormal Investigation of the Sailing ship Star of India Part 2

100_1109                        100_1111                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  In part 1 of our investigation of the Star of India, we found ourselves pitted against the hierarchy of the ship’s line of command. The spirit of the Captain was being reluctant to communicate with us. We had been politely asking for general information from the crew but it seemed being polite little women was getting us nowhere fast. Now we didn’t want to stoop to the level of harassing or taunting, that would be rude and unnecessary. But it seemed the Star’s Captain looked upon a bunch of FEMALE paranormal investigators with a bit of disdain. Who knew? And if the Captain was giving us the cold shoulder, it was pretty obvious he was making sure his motley crew stayed tight lipped as well. So what to do?                                                                                                    This is when using your intuition and having some flexibility come in handy. I say intuition because we all had the gut feeling the Captain was hiding something. You know that feeling when  you haven’t heard from a person in a while and you just KNOW it’s because they are avoiding you because they’ve done something reprehensible? You know when someone is hiding something from you even if you don’t know exactly what it is. We had to find a way to get him and the crew to talk. We needed to rethink our approach a bit. If the Captain is in control, who commands above the Captain? Who does the Captain respect and answer to?  Ahh, we thought, the ship’s owners, that’s who!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t be sure which Captain we had with us.  Funny, when dealing with spirits, oftentimes you can’t be sure what timeframe you’re dealing with. The Star is over 100 years old and has been sold several times during her career, so we weren’t sure which owners’ names he would recognize. So we figured we’d just improvise.   On a whim we thought “Let’s tell him we’re from the ship’s owners and we’re here to make a report.” We didn’t really expect it to work but thought, Hey, let’s give it a try. We Googled one of the several owners of the Star and took a guess about the timeline, picking the Shaw, Savill and Alboin Line. ( She was still the Euterpe during the 19th century ). We had Margaret’s husband James in his best British accent,    call out into the night air, “We’ve come from the Shaw Co and we need to ask you some questions. We need to make a report and we need you to comply, Captain.” I was sitting with my back to the Captain’s quarters. It had a small window and short, cotton curtains with the lamp’s light glowing through. Kimberly faced the Captain’s quarters. Her eyes widened, “Kitty, the curtains just moved!” I wheeled around to look. Sure enough, the tiny curtains were parting ever so slightly. There is no way any breeze can get into his quarters because of the wooden partitions inside the galley. We kept talking. “We need to ask you some questions, Captain.” The curtains opened a little more! We all saw this happening. We could have squealed with excitement but were trying to play it cool, you know…                                                    I   figured we had his attention, but would this little scheme really work? Could we get the spirits to communicate if they thought they were talking to the ship’s owners?  We  relocated into the galley. We started running several digital voice recorders and began an EVP session. The Captain’s presence could certainly be felt. Kimberly and I swore we could see him sitting on the galley’s sofa, glaring at everyone. It was in these first few minutes of recording we captured a Class A EVP saying, “Why did you lie to me?” We had made direct contact with the Captain of the ship and he understood what we had said! Apparently, the Captain did not appreciate being duped!  Listen to it here.    Would the  ship’s crew now come forward and speak? We continued to run our digital recorders. As we sat around the heavy galley table, we could make out audible conversations between several voices talking excitedly. We were unable to make out what they were saying, but the word “hiding” came through clearly. What were they hiding? We could make out two distinct voices talking back and forth to each other. These were not like the other voices, that we were able to capture only as EVPs, or spirit voices in the white noise of  a recording, but these voices were in the room with us, talking ABOUT us!  It was exciting to finally have their attention and to capture such great evidence. Within a couple of minutes  the voices died down and we caught no further EVPs during this session.                                                                                                                                                                                                     100_1132                                   Everyone needed a break. Out came the water, Mountain Dew, grapes, cheese, and Ding Dongs. I had a bet with Kimberly that the Ding Dongs would go first before any healthy snacks. I lost, but the Ding Dongs magically disappeared nonetheless.   Recharged with a nice sugar buzz, we headed back into the galley. We thought we’d try a Spirit Box session to see if the ship’s crew would come through. The Spirit Box, also known as Frank’s Box, named after it’s creator Frank Sumption, is a useful tool to communicate with spirits. It’s basically a radio, usually an inexpensive AM FM radio, that has been modified to continually sweep through all the channels without stopping. Picture turning the dial on a car radio back and forth and you get the idea. What this does is creates a type of white noise, a physical medium for spirits to use as their voice. I find it’s better to run the channels in a backwards directional sweep to avoid any stray random words from popping in and creating false evidence. We sat ourselves around the galley table. It had already been a successful night and I just wanted to take a moment and drink it all in. I looked around the room, it’s woodwork gleaming with a fresh varnish. We were sitting at the ship’s original galley table. This table had been here since the 19th century, before the Civil War. I thought about how many people had sat in these chairs over the decades. I ran my hands across the big, heavy table. It carried it’s share of scars and history.  The ship is filled with everyday utilitarian objects and well loved personal items such as a doll that may have made her way across treacherous seas….     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               This is when you really begin to connect with spirit. Imagine their time in this place. What must they have endured at sea? Did they ever see their loved ones again? Imagine their hardships and the difficult decisions that were made in order to simply survive. They did all this to make a better life. That’s what I love about paranormal investigating. When that connection is made. It becomes real. Still setting up our equipment when we once again  heard what sounded like a conversation. Whispered voices chattering excitedly but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. We all heard these voices with our own ears, these were audible spirit voices, not EVPs. Was the ship’s crew trying to speak to us?  Just then we heard a loud groaning noise. It was like a metal scraping on wood. We stared wide eyed at each other. It was LOUD. It did it again. We could feel the vibration through our feet. Groannnnn. It did it again. We looked around. What WAS that? James peeked outside. “Oh, there’s a motorcycle outside.” Yeah, we heard it. Brumm, Brumm. Hmm… Groannnnn…. Wide eyes again. “That’s no motorcycle!” Half giddy, half a bit unnerved, we searched for what could be the source of this groaning noise. We searched for the source of this noise in the back galley. Here the large iron rudder post runs through the ship from the wheel to the ship’s rudder. Groannnn… The rudder post was rotating! Okay, the rudder post is moving..but how? The ship’s wheel is securely lashed so it won’t move. I figured I better try to debunk this. “I’ll go up and see if I can get it to move.” Later we discovered immediately after I say this we captured another Class A EVP “Damn You!” My, the Captain was still upset with me. Take a listen here.           I go above deck and grab the ship’s wheel. It’s lashed on both sides and only has a couple inches of play. I pull hard back and forth. I called down to see if that made the rudder post move. “Anything?” “Nope. Not a bit.” Now you might think, OK, this is just movement from the water creating some turbulence and causing either the rudder or the wheel to move. But not only could I not recreate the movement by leaning with all my weight on the wheel but the movement of the rudder post completely stopped while we were standing in the room watching it. The rudder post didn’t budge the entire time we stood there watching it, waiting for it to rotate. We could not debunk this phenomenon. I’m leaving this as unexplained but I believe the spirits were definitely messing with us.  We took several still photos of the room while this activity was occurring. In one shot we captured this amazing light anomaly zooming across the room. There were no bugs on the ship and this anomaly only appeared in one shot, so I doubt it was dust or a reflection.                  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                  Where were we? Oh yes, trying to set up our Spirit Box and digital voice recorders. Sometimes you just got to go with the flow and go where the activity takes you. We figured the Captain was telling us he was still in charge of this vessel. Could he make the rudder post move on command? Would he? With all our equipment running, I asked, “Captain, was that you and could you please make the post move again for us?” Immediately, we heard the now familiar “Groaannn.”  “Thank you, Captain.” OK, maybe we squealed a little. Not only did it do it instantly after I asked him to but this was the last time during our investigation the rudder post moved.  That’s pretty relevant because if it had been a strong current or tidal interference the rudder post would continue to move intermittently. Listen for yourself..      It remained quiet the rest of the night.  I continued to ask the Captain questions but received no more responses. I was pretty sure that he was done talking. We wanted to see who else might be with us.  “If this is not the Captain, then to whom are we speaking?” A moment later..”Patrick”. This was great, but I wanted some answers.  I wanted to know what they were “hiding” from us. My mind raced with a hundred possibilities, all of them nefarious.. It must have been some contraband smuggled aboard the ship long ago. One can’t help but think about pirates and treasure. Who knows what sort of “booty” could have hidden  on an old ship like the Star? It’s at this point we all noticed we had a strong metallic taste in our mouths. Gunpowder? Ah Ha! They were smuggling gunpowder! That definitely could be a very dangerous cargo.  I researched into the Euterpe’s Logbook Collection, which is in the archive of the MacMullen Library and Research Archives and the Star ( then Euterpe) did at one time haul gunpowder, but the logbook did not state where they got the gunpowder. Alright, where does one acquire gunpowder in the 19th century? China, I would guess. With recorders and Spirit Box running, “Where did you get the gunpowder, and from where?” The answer came on the Spirit Box.. “China”.   Listen                                                                                                                                  It’s really amazing to receive this much validation. We had physical movement of the rudder post that rotated on command and then stopped. We had a Class “A” EVP saying “Damn You!” possibly from the Captain. We had voices from the Spirit Box answering our questions intelligently. Remember, the bandwidths are sweeping backwards to eliminate the chance of stray radio voices coming through causing false positives. It was getting late.  It was time to do what we are called to do, and that’s provide guidance in crossing spirits and sending them Home. Doing so in a haunted location does not create a vacuum and render a place devoid of paranormal activity. When done with Love and the right intentions of helping spirits who wish to return Home, I believe it actually creates some sort of portal and spirits communicate that there are folks on this side who wish to learn, talk, and help if possible. I think crossing spirits ATTRACTS other spirits to a location who might also need help. Kimberly called in her Angels and we all focused on filing the room with Love and Light.  We thanked the crewmen for speaking with us. We told them their job was done, it was time to head  Home at last.. With the Spirit Box and recorders still going… Kimberly..”Reach out your hands and find that your family is there waiting for you.” Spirit Box.. “Hi Mom.” Kimberly..”Your time is served, you are now free to go Home.” Spirit Box..”Thank You.” And then the most silent bit of silence I’ve ever heard from the Spirit Box….there were no pops. no sputters, no static…  .He was just…gone……… Cue the tears and goosebumps..  Grab a tissue and give a listen..   I would like to add that the day after we concluded our investigation in which we captured this amazing evidence on a spirit box, or Frank’s Box, Frank Sumption, the founder and inventor  of this device, passed away. Although I never had the chance to meet him I know the paranormal community is feeling his loss and it was his genius that made this experience possible. Thank you, Frank..         We couldn’t top that Spirit Box experience.  It was late and time to call it a night. Time to find our wayward security guard and help him go through all the decks and set the alarm. Remember, it was only his 4th day on the job. Packed up and ready to hit the showers and a soft bed, we disembarked the lovely Star of India and expected our security guard to be there. Nobody. The guard has three ships to patrol so we headed out to the Berkeley. Calling out..”John! Where are you?” I decided to call his phone. “Hello, this is John.” Yeah, We’re finished up here on the Star and we need you to lock up.” Laughing, “Did you find any “ghosties”? “Yes, it was incredible. We had a ton of activity. This ship is alive with spirits.” Awkward silence….. Then in a softer tone.. “No Shit?” Obviously John is now thinking about all those decks, all those dark places on the ship. “You’re already off the ship?” “Yeah, we need to head out because we have to leave in about 4 hours so we need you to lock up and turn on the alarm.”    Silence… “Um. go ahead, I’ll just leave any lights on and set the alarm, OK?” I guess the security guard was a little spooked about being all alone on a haunted ship.. I wonder if he made it there a full week…..               OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                      Vintage Frigate sailing into a fog bank

Favorite Haunts RMS Queen Mary’s Pool Room

The beautiful Art Deco masterpiece that is the Queen Mary has many active haunts. The most popular for it’s paranormal activity is the 1st class pool room. The 1st class pool room is festooned with a Mother of Pearl coved ceiling,diving boards, a balcony, and changing rooms. The pool room was filled with salt water and heated by the ship’s boilers. During tea, the 2nd class passengers were allowed to swim in the fancier pool whilst 1st class passengers enjoyed their tea. After tea, the pool was drained and refilled before the 1st class passengers returned. During Wartime, the pool was drained and used as extra sleeping quarters. Space being at a premium, bunks were stacked three high to utilize every inch of space.  Some say the changing rooms contain a vortex. A vortex is a thinning of the veil between worlds, thus allowing spirits to cross easily into ours. Feelings of light headedness, disorientation, and vertigo are often felt  in the changing area.  To me, one of the creepiest areas in the pool room is the space underneath the stairs. The story goes that a man raped and murdered a woman and stuffed her body underneath the stairs. I have not been able to find documentation of this murder, but the energy is very negative in this one place. While investigating with a group, I sent a few people back into the space. I gave no details, only told them to feel the difference in the energy. One man returned, white as sheet.  I’ll never forget what he said. “I sure hope nobody ever took a woman back there.” THEN I told him the story. Then he REALLY got pale!  But the pool room is most noted for what  is believed to be the spirit of a young girl,  Jackie.  Jackie supposedly drowned in the 2nd class pool but no record exists of such a drowning. This is a case where I think a spirit has taken on a role it enjoys.  Jackie loves interacting with people and while I am usually skeptical of child spirits, I have never felt anything malevolent from Jackie. The famous psychic   Peter James had many documented interactions with Jackie. They seemed to have a special bond. There is video evidence of  “Hellos”   “London Bridge is falling down”, and laughter between Peter and Jackie.  Peter James loved the Queen Mary so much that when he passed, his cremains  were aboard the ship for some time.  Jackie and I have had lengthy  K2 sessions and interactions.  She will answer any number of questions, but when asked if she is a 6yr old child, the K2 stalls and she refuses to answer yes. An honest ghost!  One of the endearing aspects of Jackie is not only will she give you audible responses but she will let you know when she’s tired.  When she gets ready to leave,  you can feel a cool breeze wrap around you and then pass onto the next person. They say that’s how Jackie gives hugs!  The photo below shows an infrared shot during a K2 session in almost pitch black. You can barely make out the lights from the K2. It shows a psychic’s arms as she allows Jackie to draw energy from her to communicate.      Cool, Huh?     Along with Jackie, several other spirits have been experienced in the pool room.    Since the pool room is known for audible phenomena, we thought we would try an experiment.  During an investigation, we thought we would try to reach some of the many soldiers that had been aboard the QM. A member of our group had spent many years in the Navy. We decided to use him as a trigger object.    “Can you sing our song to inspire us?” He asked. “Can you sing our song, Anchor’s Away?”   We listened.   Slowly,  from the balcony, came not one,  not three,  but what sounded like a chorus of 30 spirit voices rising up and singing “Anchors Away” !!!!! I still get the chills!   The drawback of audible voice  phenomena is that it seldom  records, unlike an EVP that is recorded in the white noise. So while it is great memory to me, it is scientifically just a story……        Please visit my website for more stories of the paranormal                             SyntekExifImageTitle                                        SyntekExifImageTitle                                  SyntekExifImageTitle                      100_0208

Paranormal investigation basic equipment 101 digital recorder

  • A few solid basics and a skeptic,yet open mind ,is what makes a good paranormal investigator. Let’s start with basic equipment and discuss why these should be in every ghost hunter’s kit. 1.Flashlight. Seems obvious, but always carry a small flashlight and extra batteries. Safety may be doing a daytime investigation but may encounter dark stairways, check under foundations,and  be  looking in creepy basements and closets! 2. Digital recorder. I prefer these little Olympus recorders, Olympus 4100 pc. There are many good brands, just make sure it has a pc outlet, so you can download  the audio onto your computer.I personally also use several digital recorders running at the same time. I have found I can get different EVPs on different recorders while recording simultaneously!
    Now some paranormal circles will tell you that these and other digital recorders do not produce electronic voice phenomena that would stand up to scrutiny. They feel the lack of internal filters and the limited specifications of Olympus models makes them a tad “unbridled” for research use. My theory, and I base this on years of field use and remarkable results is..That’s what I like about these recorders! My feeling is the lack of internal filters allows the recorder to pick up more raw data than a model that is designed to filter out what it considers undesirable. It’s like taking your film to 1 hour photo ( who remembers these? ) and having the clerk toss out all those white blobs in the photos you took at that haunted house. Those may have been the shots you wanted! Now this is where knowing how to debunk and control as many variables as possible comes into play. You have to know what is an EVP and what was some person talking in the hall. If you are concerned about outside electrical and magnetic interference, than you can put your recorder inside a Faraday cage. It’s a pouch, really, made up of metallic cloth tight enough to block incoming electromagnetic fields. But exactly how do recorders collect sound?How a microphone works: sound waves put pressure on carbon, the compressed carbon generates electricity. In the case of tape, this goes to the recording head, which is a magnet, and that re-aligns the iron atoms on the tape.In the case of digital, the electric signal goes to what is called an analog to digital converter, which then writes 1s and 0s to some storage device such as an SD card. This is also a magnetic form of storage. The only other options are optical (like a CD/DVD; a laser actually burns a hole in the aluminum in the CD) or completely analog, like a victrola.

    So in most of the cases you are dealing with, we would have to be talking about the generation of either electrical or magnetic fields-which are basically the same thing, as well proven by Faraday and Maxwell (light too, believe it or not). This would have to be a particular signal (usually device specific) or you’d just get static or distorted noise. Too strong of an electric signal could damage a component, too much magnetism could erase things (especially on tape).

    Spirits create EVPs by manipulating the electromagnetic fields in the digital converter for a digital recorder. Some of the earliest EVPs were captured on old reel to reel tape recorders. The tape is coated with magnetized iron oxide.

    Cameras-film works by a chemical reaction between light and the film, digital works by light creating an electrical charge on a sensor that is then written to magnetic media.

    Filters-these can be pretty simple, just a couple of components (a capacitor would do in the simplest case, maybe add an inductor) and all they do is exclude certain frequencies-such as the higher frequencies perceived as “static” or “noise”-the filter only admits frequencies below the frequency of the filter. Much fancier filters are possible but not really of much use in a handheld voice recorder.

    So what I am saying is that yes, imprinting a voice or any sound on a recorder requires some idea of how it works. Know how to control your surroundings when doing EVP sessions on location. Toss out anything questionable, and good luck!
    Here are some examples of the same recording session, different EVPs. But they do sound like the same angry lady spirit!  Same time, different recorders.  And               100_0345                    100_0344                            White woman ghost stay on her grave               And this is personal experience but this tip was shared with me by EVP experts Mark and Debbie Constantino, It seems you get better results if you hold the recorder in your hand as opposed to setting on a table or shelf. I think it just creates a better connection to spirit if you hold it.        To read more stories of the paranormal, please visit my website at