Paranormal Investigation of Dave Oman residence. Benedict Canyon Part 1

In order to understand the uniqueness of the Oman residence on Cielo Dr. from a paranormal standpoint, we must attempt to understand  the location and it’s rich history. Located up in the Hollywood hills, above the Hollywood sign, above the famed Hollywood Hotel, Benedict canyon is  a place plagued  by  an abundance of hauntings and Dark Hollywood.  Benedict canyon was home to Hollywood’s elite, whose lives soared, only to come crashing down all too prematurely and  often tragically.  Just a stone’s throw from the Oman house sits what remains of  Falcon’s Lair, home to Rudolph Valentino. Valentino was the Silent Era’s glamour boy, dying much too soon. Falcon’s Lair is reportedly extremely haunted, even though just a  shell of the original home exists.  This  canyon is where  TV’s first superman. George Reeves, was found dead from a gunshot wound June 16th, 1959. Initially dubbed a suicide, it seems something  sinister was involved and a coverup  by authorities was afoot.  (Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves, 2007 )  Reeve’s fingerprints were not found on the gun nor was there any gunshot residue found. Additionally, several bullet holes were found in the floor of his bedroom, hardly depicting a suicide…. His case was never officially solved. …. The history of Benedict canyon turns ever darker on the night of Aug 9th, 1969.  A home at the address of  10050 Cielo Dr.  became the stuff of nightmares.  Seeking revenge on music promoter Terry Melcher,  Charles Manson sent  members of his “family” to  wreak havoc and bloody mayhem. Not finding Melcher, the home was rented to Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. That night,  Steven Parent,  Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski,  Jay  Sebring, and a pregnant Sharon Tate were brutally stabbed and murdered. Chanting,  “Someone’s going to die tonight,” still echoes in the wind in Benedict canyon sometimes….        But why all this  tragedy?      Why this canyon?        No surprise  the  U. S.  Geological Survey  (USGS)  lists this canyon as  a  geomagnetic anomaly. Although the USGS states the hills are geologically too young to have either large deposits of  iron or  magnetite, Benedict canyon still emits strong, positively polarized magnetic fields. This  not only  makes for a “Fun House ” effect  but can render instruments useless.  Large magma deposits were also discovered during construction,  adding to the magnetic mayhem.  Construction of the Oman residence  was quite a challenge, to say the least.  Built into the canyon side,  it required huge support beams  driven into the ground. It is four stories, stepping up the canyon. Remember all that magma, magnetic  polarities, and now you drive metal support beams  into the ground. Add a 30 foot metal spiral staircase  and that’s what I call a paranormal antenna!!   Many psychics and sensitives including myself feel quite the “Fun House” effect going into the Oman residence.   Dave  Oman’s house first gained notoriety when featured on Ghost Hunters  2007.  it was here that noted psychic Chris Fleming  introduced Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson to the home  and showed us how to use a  K2 meter for simple “yes” “no”  communication. A poor man’s electric Ouija board, if you will.  We all remember seeing Tango get the chills when he receives his first response from the K2.  This footage also showed us Chris Fleming validating through spirit communication that Jay Sebring  was indeed one of the spirits inhabitating  the home.  Localized  temperature drops on command and EVPs were also documented.       6 years later,  I  had the privilege of  joining  Chris Fleming on a return  visit to Dave’s home in Feb. 2013.  he invited only 6 of us, and even though I was running a high fever I was NOT going to miss this!!   Dave greeted us in his bouncy gracious manner, and gave us  a tour of the hot spots.  A  cameraman documented  most of the evening’s events.      ( see UTube)   One of the most rewarding moments was during a Spirit box session. Dave Oman handed me a hand-written letter by Sharon Tate to her mother.  As I read it aloud, I couldn’t  help but feel a strong connection to her. We asked if she could talk to us. The voice that came forth was a distraught female voice “They won’t let me.” Listen here.  We also conducted several short EVP sessions with some success.   To explain what happened during one of the EVP sessions  you have to understand  some of Chris’s methodology. Chris’s psychic and mediumship work  has him partner with spirit guides and Angels.  I am not here to provoke a religious debate.   I have personal experience with assistance  from the other side of the veil. What many call  Angels I  think of as very  high  vibrational energies.  Chris had been doing a short EVP session  and in the playback you can hear spirit say “Oh my God”. The next EVP session brought a wonderful “I see Angels”! Chris teared up knowing that the Angels who guide him could be seen by spirits ! Amazing!  Later in the evening,   just three of us were in a small room, conducting more EVP sessions.  One of the responses asked for help.   It is a moral obligation to try to help those spirits who ask for help, but also offer help when they can’t ask.   This is when we say a Prayer for the Dead.  It can be any sincere,  heartfelt  request  for those Above to please come and carry them Home. Chris had his  recorder running when we gave our prayer….. To please have those loved ones,  the Angels. reach out, and take the hands of those and carry them Home. Of course, we  were crying,  you better be if you’re doing it right!  When Chris played back the prayer, you could hear  “Thank You”s scattered throughout the recording.  More tears!   It’s  that kind of relationship with Spirit that we all should reach for.  To communicate, to get answers, and most importantly,   to  help those on both sides of the veil!!    What will our next visit bring us?   Stay tuned….    and visit my website                                                                                 Left-and-forgotten                                                                 100_0159                                                      100_0344

Paranormal Equipment 101 K2 EMF Meter

If any of you have been watching the plethora of paranormal TV shows such as “Ghost Hunters” by now you have probably seen this device commonly referred to as a K2. But what exactly is it? What does it do and why is it so popular with paranormal investigators? A K2 meter is originally intended to measure leaks or fluctuations in Electro Magnetic Energy, or EMF. EMF s can produce low level radiation and can cause headache, nausea, and other health issues with prolonged exposure. A K2 has a series of lights starting with green (safe) to yellow (EMF is present) to orange  (warning) to a  red ( better call electrician!) Old houses and old wiring can be sources of leaks. Electromagnetism is the force that causes an interaction of electricity between charged particles. It’s what holds electrons and protons together in atoms,so it’s a building block for life.  But what does all this have to do with hunting ghosts, you ask? You, I, your dog, and spirits, all are basically sources of energy. For the sake of simplicity and the context of using this tool, we are talking about contacting intelligent spirits, and not residual hauntings.  It’s important to understand one assumption that many paranormal theories hinge on and that is this.. Spirits are composed of weak energy  that can only manifest themselves into sound or visual presence when another energy source enters the room so they can draw energy from the external source. There’s a recurring relationship between EMF and presence of spirit activity. The leading theory is spirits emit electromagnetic energy and cause spikes or fluctuations in electromagnetic fields (EMF).  It is believed they gather energy inward and emit EMF out, causing a spike. But when do we get to talk to ghosts? Like any piece of equipment ,it’s useless without a trained operator. When using your shiny new K2 in a location, remember it’s a METER. It DETECTS .  Look around for logical explanations. Are there power lines along the wall?  Plumbing pipes? Make sure you check these possibilities as to a high EMF spike. Remember, if you want to be a credible investigator,you have to debunk first. OK, now to the fun stuff !  Spirits seem to be able to easily manipulate a K2 meter. This makes it relatively easy to convert it’s lights for a Yes or No response. If you find yourself getting your K2 flashing, start talking.  Ask, “Are you making these lights flash?” Remember, a Civil War soldier probably won’t know what A K2 is,  so keep it simple. “Can you make it flash once for Yes?” “Were  you a soldier  here?” etc… The beauty of the K2 is it’s easy to use in darkened areas which is perfect for investigating  and they are one of the less expensive tools out there. So get yourself a K2, and keep cell phones, walkie talkies,  and other equipment at a distance so they don’t interfere. Scan the area for existing EMF which usually show as a constant pattern of lights. Debunk, and be careful!      To find out more about me, check out my website                                                            100_0349           100_0346              OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA