Paranormal Investigation aboard the Haunted Sailing Ship Star of India Part 1

          Vintage Frigate sailing into a fog bank                            Star of India is the world’s oldest active sailing ship. She was built at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863. Iron ships were relatively new for that time then, with most vessels still being built from timber. She originally bore the name Euterpe,the Greek muse of music and poetry.

 The Euterpe was a full-rigged ship until 1901, when the Alaska Packers Association rigged her down to a barque, her present rig.The advantage of these rigs was that they needed smaller (therefore cheaper) crews than a comparable fully rigged ship as there were fewer of the labour-intensive square sails, and the rig itself is cheaper. They were still very fast and she could travel from England to India and back in about 100 days. Can you imagine such a journey? She began her sailing life with two near-disastrous voyages to India. On her first trip she suffered a collision and a mutiny. On her second trip, a cyclone caught Euterpe in the Bay of Bengal, and with her topmasts cut away, she barely made port. Shortly afterward, the captain died on board and was buried at sea.

 After such a hard luck beginning, Euterpe made four more voyages to India as a cargo ship. In 1871 she was sold again and embarked on a quarter century of hauling emigrants to New Zealand, sometimes also touching Australia, California and Chile. She made 21 circumnavigations in this service, some of them lasting up to a year. It was rugged voyaging, with the little iron ship battling through terrific gales, “laboring and rolling in a most distressing manner,” according to her log.

 Life aboard the Euterpe was difficult for the sailors, cooped up in her ‘tween deck, fed a diet of hardtack and salt junk, subject to malnutrition, seasickness, and a host of other ills. It is astonishing that their death rate was so low. They were a tough lot, however, coming from the working classes of England, Ireland and Scotland. Her name was changed to Star of India in 1906 and after 60 years of solid performance in 1923, she became the crown jewel of the San Diego Maritime museum, where she remains today as a floating piece of history.                            100_1116                            We arrived in the afternoon and walked into one of the shops that stands next to the Star of India. The store was crowded with white suited sailors fresh off their ship and they were eager to do some shopping. I was asking the clerk , I don’t know, something, and I noticed my body began to sway back and forth, as if rolling on a ship’s deck. The store IS located within a ship but it’s securely docked. I looked at all the sailors, they weren’t swaying so I figured they had their sea legs. Now I’m swaying quite a bit, back and forth, and I really felt as though I was going to get knocked off my feet. And the worst part was I couldn’t do a thing about it! It was like some kind of out of body experience. I knew I was doing it, I felt like an idiot swaying to and fro but was unable to control my actions. Finally I grabbed onto the counter and stared wide-eyed at the clerk. Yeah, she was looking at me funny, too.. I managed to gain control and as we walked out, Kimberly asks me, “So what was THAT all about?” She saw me swaying and she had begun swaying too. Was something trying to communicate with us already? I’ve never felt like that before. I was feeling like I was slipping out of body non consensually, unable to control the swaying, but realizing I was doing it and helpless to stop myself from tumbling to the floor. The spirits of the Star of India knew we were coming, alright..That was weird.. We started our lockdown by being escorted by one of the Star’s docents, Dave. Dave walked me through the ship’s four decks and located the light panels and alarm system. “I’m gonna be gone, and it’s the security guard’s 4th day on the job, and the first three didn’t have much training. Make sure when you’re ready to leave that you show him where these panels are and make sure he sets the alarm. If you need to leave in a hurry and you’re running down the plank, the gate won’t be locked, just push through it.” Wait.. What? Has he had people running off the ship in a hurry? Dave wouldn’t say.. Still wondering if I was going to be running screaming down a poop deck in the middle of the night, we set up our base in the galley and then we headed down below deck. This is another reason I wanted some ambient lights on. Have you tried to navigate a ship’s steep stairs with a thin rope for a rail? Do that in complete darkness? Yeah, I don’t think so! Besides, it’s a museum too, and I don’t want to break anything. We walked from stem to stern taking still digital shots. I felt drawn to crawling into every nook and cranny of the ship. It just felt as though they were somehow hiding from us. Sure enough, the cameras began malfunctioning. It was as though they were deliberately causing the equipment failure. The camera would turn on, I’d point in the direction I wanted to photograph and Boom, the camera would lock up. We had three separate battery drains as well. I had made sure all the equipment had fresh batteries before we started. The batteries would go from a full charge to completely drained in a matter of minutes. It’s a common occurrence for electronic equipment to drain or malfunction with the presence of paranormal activity. I believe they do this to gather energy from an external source in order to manifest either visually or audibly. Remember, spirits have no physical body so in order to be seen or for you to hear a disembodied voice or to create an EVP, they need an external source of energy. I also believe they sometimes just like to screw with us. I believe they mess with equipment when they don’t want to be caught on camera. Spirits are very resourceful that way..                                    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             So began a cat and mouse type game of bangs in one room across ship, equipment malfunctioning, basically leading us from one end of the ship to the other. We decided to regroup on the main deck. With cameras behaving themselves now, we began taking more still shots. Kimberly’s sister Michelle noticed she was getting a lot of orbs immediately in the vicinity of the lifeboat. “Come here, Look at these!” Michelle called excitedly. Over the course of several consecutive shots, dozens of orbs would suddenly appear around the lifeboat, then in the next frame slightly disperse, then be gone completely by the fourth shot. There was no dust and very little breeze, so we ruled out dirt contamination. I would take several shots of the same boat with a similar camera to no avail. The orbs only appeared when Michelle took the pictures. With activity seeming to center close to the lifeboat, we figured this would be a good time and place to conduct an impromptu seance. Each of us gathered a chair and we sat in a circle. We relaxed our minds and allowed ourselves to slowly focus on the spirits around us. Silently we invited them to join us. I let my eyes fall slightly out of focus ( and at my age that’s pretty darn easy) and I gazed up at the elaborate rigging in the masts. Slowly taking shape aloft in the rigging lines and beams were shadowy shapes. I gazed a little longer and I could see the haggard, barefoot sailors staring back at us. They looked at our group with what I can only describe as a bit of disdain, they looked thoroughly unimpressed with these ladies trying to demand and order them about. Just then I distinctly heard the words “Bilge Rat” ! It seems the pecking order of sailing ships is certainly Captain, crew, THEN female ghost hunters! This was going to be harder than I thought. We had been politely asking for general information from the crew but it seemed being polite little women was getting us nowhere fast. Now we didn’t want to stoop to the level of harassing or taunting, that’s just rude and unnecessary. We needed to rethink our approach. Who would the Captain respect enough and answer their questions? On a whim we thought “Let’s tell him we’re from the ship’s owners and we’re here to make a report.” We didn’t really expect it to work but thought, Hey, let’s give it a try. We Googled one of the several owners of the Star and took a guess about the timeline, picking the Shaw, Savill and Alboin Line. ( She was still the Euterpe during the 19th century ). We had Margaret’s husband James in his best British accent,call out into the night air, “We’ve come from the Shaw Co and we need to ask you some questions. We need to make a report and we need you to comply, Captain.” I was sitting with my back to the Captain’s quarters. It had a small window and short, cotton curtains with the lamp’s light glowing through. Kimberly faced the Captain’s quarters. Her eyes widened, “Kitty, the curtains just moved!” I wheeled around to look. Sure enough, the tiny curtains were parting ever so slightly. There is no way any breeze can get into his quarters because of the wooden partitions inside the galley. We kept talking. “We need to ask you some questions, Captain.” The curtains opened a little more! We all saw this happening. We could have squealed with excitement but were trying to play it cool, you know….           100_1132                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I figured we had his attention but knew time was of the essence. We quickly relocated into the galley. We didn’t know how long we could keep the Captain’s attention. We started running several digital voice recorders and began an EVP session. The Captain’s presence could certainly be felt. Kimberly and I swore we could see him sitting on the galley’s sofa, glaring at everyone. It was in these first few minutes of recording we captured a Class A EVP saying, “Why did you lie to me?” We had made direct contact with the Captain of the ship and he understood what we had said! Apparently, the Captain did not appreciate being duped! Listen to the EVP we captured here ..Is this the Captain asking,  ” Why did you lie to me?” What will the rest of the evening hold? Coming soon.. Part 2..  If you want to see more of our investigations,  evidence and upcoming events, please check out our Facebook page at and please visit my website at !                     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                         100_1111                     


Paranormal Investigation Dave Oman residence Benedict Canyon Part 2

In my previous blog I talked about visiting Dave Oman’s house with famed psychic Chris Fleming. We were  able to capture  what we think is the voice of Sharon Tate while using a Spirit Box. We had EVP sessions that told us they were able to see the Angels that protect and guide Chris Fleming. EVPs of “Thank You ” recorded while saying a prayer to help carry the trapped spirits  Home.  So of course I was delighted when Dave Oman invited me and  my team back to his home for a subsequent investigation.   What would our next visit hold?  The Oman residence is consistent in it’s paranormal activity, if it is anything.  Dave Oman has a unique relationship with the spirits who come and go throughout his property.  Dave Oman has a genuine  respect for  the spirits  and not only communicates with them in a present tense as if they are family, but refuses to let visitors or investigations  refer to those murdered as merely victims.  I think this is important to remember while doing ANY investigation.  Spirits are not there for our amusement.  Spirit is not there so we can provoke and taunt  them so we’ll have some awesome evidence to post on U Tube.  These were somebody’s  family members,so  treat them with respect.  That being said, there are multiple levels of energies  within the residence and  throughout Benedict canyon. Our group is comprised mostly of psychics and sensitives and we can see what’s out there. The canyon holds  dark  Elemental energies that flow like slimy leeches in some gruesome river at the bottom of Benedict canyon.   There is also a strong  protective Native Spirit energy that watches over the darker energies and keeps them at bay.  As Dave walked us through his home, looking out onto the canyon through huge expansive windows, we could see  the protective spirits watching us.  They looked to us like  scouts hiding behind the rocks, peering out….   If you know  that a Native Earth energy is present, bring an offering. It’s a good will gesture. We brought some Native sweet tobacco and some sage. As we placed the offerings,  several of us felt  the knowing pins and needles tingling  on our sides.  We feel this is Spirit getting to know our intentions and motives.  I find it similar to a welcome. A good start! Here is an EVP we captured here during a previous investigation with Chris Fleming at Dave’s home. We have captured this EVP a few times here. This is the clearest. We believe this is a horse belonging to a Native American   The most  active part of the house for poltergeist activity  is on the top floor. Here sits a huge aquarium festooned with figurines from horror movies.  Of all the figures, a battered Beetlejuice figure takes the brunt of abuse. It gets knocked over on a daily basis. We set up a static camcorder to document, and set a RemPod close to Beetlejuice. As  Dave is recounting past experiences the RemPod begins alarming. What’s funny is the RemPod seemed to alarm in response to Dave’s  remarks!  We unplugged the aquarium lights and left only one filter running and  debunked any disturbances of electromagnetic fields.   The entire time we were investigating the RemPod was merrily  beeping and  alarming all the while.  Walking through the house I was drawn to go down a long, dark hallway. Of course! I felt compelled to place my hand against the back block wall, which is a wall that butts up against the hillside.  The sensation was so weird,  it felt like something was moving on the other side, trying to find a way inside!  We conducted a quick EVP session. When I asked if they were trying to get in, both investigator Kimberly Rinaldi and myself  both heard laughing!  And not a pleasant laugh, but a creepy evil clown type laugh! Icky!  We got nothing  on the recording.   We played the recording back and were discussing this  evil laugh  we heard with our ears. At this time the lights in the hall started flickering off and on…on and off…all while we talked about the creepy laugh and how something wanted to get in…  Dave checked the switch and assured us the lights don’t normally act like this, indeed they all light up on one panel, not intermittently flash  on and off.   As soon as we stopped talking, the lights all went on and stayed on..  CREEPY…   All the while our RemPod has been regularly  beeping upstairs.  We ascend the staircase to find, sure enough, Beetlejuice is toppled over.  Rewinding the tape we see something interesting. Just before the Beetlejuice falls, the fish in the tank start swimming frantically, as if something is after them!  The RemPod surprisingly did NOT alarm when Beetlejuice  fell.  Why spirit abuse this one figure remains a mystery but it has been recorded countless times falling while nothing else is disturbed atop the aquarium.   I feel bringing sensitives and psychics this trip helped us connect with the protective energies more than specific human spirits this visit.  The Oman residence contains multiple layers of energies and many spirits. It also has unexplained magnetic anomalies in areas of the house.  This house is consistently active thanks in part to Dave Oman’s respect and acceptance of these spirits. This makes the Oman residence a valuable training tool for multiple investigations. By conducting multiple investigations over a period of time we hope to find what makes paranormal activity happen and when. We can study the conditions under which paranormal activity occurred and control as many variables as possible.  I humbly thank Dave Oman  for his hospitality and hope to return soon.        If you would like to find out more about me, visit my website     and visit me on Twitter Paranormal Kitty (@kitty_janusz) on Twitter                                                                       100_0556                                                    100_0516                                         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Paranormal Investigation of Dave Oman residence. Benedict Canyon Part 1

In order to understand the uniqueness of the Oman residence on Cielo Dr. from a paranormal standpoint, we must attempt to understand  the location and it’s rich history. Located up in the Hollywood hills, above the Hollywood sign, above the famed Hollywood Hotel, Benedict canyon is  a place plagued  by  an abundance of hauntings and Dark Hollywood.  Benedict canyon was home to Hollywood’s elite, whose lives soared, only to come crashing down all too prematurely and  often tragically.  Just a stone’s throw from the Oman house sits what remains of  Falcon’s Lair, home to Rudolph Valentino. Valentino was the Silent Era’s glamour boy, dying much too soon. Falcon’s Lair is reportedly extremely haunted, even though just a  shell of the original home exists.  This  canyon is where  TV’s first superman. George Reeves, was found dead from a gunshot wound June 16th, 1959. Initially dubbed a suicide, it seems something  sinister was involved and a coverup  by authorities was afoot.  (Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves, 2007 )  Reeve’s fingerprints were not found on the gun nor was there any gunshot residue found. Additionally, several bullet holes were found in the floor of his bedroom, hardly depicting a suicide…. His case was never officially solved. …. The history of Benedict canyon turns ever darker on the night of Aug 9th, 1969.  A home at the address of  10050 Cielo Dr.  became the stuff of nightmares.  Seeking revenge on music promoter Terry Melcher,  Charles Manson sent  members of his “family” to  wreak havoc and bloody mayhem. Not finding Melcher, the home was rented to Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. That night,  Steven Parent,  Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski,  Jay  Sebring, and a pregnant Sharon Tate were brutally stabbed and murdered. Chanting,  “Someone’s going to die tonight,” still echoes in the wind in Benedict canyon sometimes….        But why all this  tragedy?      Why this canyon?        No surprise  the  U. S.  Geological Survey  (USGS)  lists this canyon as  a  geomagnetic anomaly. Although the USGS states the hills are geologically too young to have either large deposits of  iron or  magnetite, Benedict canyon still emits strong, positively polarized magnetic fields. This  not only  makes for a “Fun House ” effect  but can render instruments useless.  Large magma deposits were also discovered during construction,  adding to the magnetic mayhem.  Construction of the Oman residence  was quite a challenge, to say the least.  Built into the canyon side,  it required huge support beams  driven into the ground. It is four stories, stepping up the canyon. Remember all that magma, magnetic  polarities, and now you drive metal support beams  into the ground. Add a 30 foot metal spiral staircase  and that’s what I call a paranormal antenna!!   Many psychics and sensitives including myself feel quite the “Fun House” effect going into the Oman residence.   Dave  Oman’s house first gained notoriety when featured on Ghost Hunters  2007.  it was here that noted psychic Chris Fleming  introduced Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson to the home  and showed us how to use a  K2 meter for simple “yes” “no”  communication. A poor man’s electric Ouija board, if you will.  We all remember seeing Tango get the chills when he receives his first response from the K2.  This footage also showed us Chris Fleming validating through spirit communication that Jay Sebring  was indeed one of the spirits inhabitating  the home.  Localized  temperature drops on command and EVPs were also documented.       6 years later,  I  had the privilege of  joining  Chris Fleming on a return  visit to Dave’s home in Feb. 2013.  he invited only 6 of us, and even though I was running a high fever I was NOT going to miss this!!   Dave greeted us in his bouncy gracious manner, and gave us  a tour of the hot spots.  A  cameraman documented  most of the evening’s events.      ( see UTube)   One of the most rewarding moments was during a Spirit box session. Dave Oman handed me a hand-written letter by Sharon Tate to her mother.  As I read it aloud, I couldn’t  help but feel a strong connection to her. We asked if she could talk to us. The voice that came forth was a distraught female voice “They won’t let me.” Listen here.  We also conducted several short EVP sessions with some success.   To explain what happened during one of the EVP sessions  you have to understand  some of Chris’s methodology. Chris’s psychic and mediumship work  has him partner with spirit guides and Angels.  I am not here to provoke a religious debate.   I have personal experience with assistance  from the other side of the veil. What many call  Angels I  think of as very  high  vibrational energies.  Chris had been doing a short EVP session  and in the playback you can hear spirit say “Oh my God”. The next EVP session brought a wonderful “I see Angels”! Chris teared up knowing that the Angels who guide him could be seen by spirits ! Amazing!  Later in the evening,   just three of us were in a small room, conducting more EVP sessions.  One of the responses asked for help.   It is a moral obligation to try to help those spirits who ask for help, but also offer help when they can’t ask.   This is when we say a Prayer for the Dead.  It can be any sincere,  heartfelt  request  for those Above to please come and carry them Home. Chris had his  recorder running when we gave our prayer….. To please have those loved ones,  the Angels. reach out, and take the hands of those and carry them Home. Of course, we  were crying,  you better be if you’re doing it right!  When Chris played back the prayer, you could hear  “Thank You”s scattered throughout the recording.  More tears!   It’s  that kind of relationship with Spirit that we all should reach for.  To communicate, to get answers, and most importantly,   to  help those on both sides of the veil!!    What will our next visit bring us?   Stay tuned….    and visit my website                                                                                 Left-and-forgotten                                                                 100_0159                                                      100_0344

Water Memory Theory

We have touched on the  theory known as Stone Tape Theory, where the argument exists that natural materials such as stone, limestone, silica, quartz, and iron oxide have the capability to not only capture,  but retain energies from the living world around them.  If  we are to believe this theory to be plausible, it only answers part of the equation. If these materials can capture and hold “energetic memories” and provide a possible reason for location hauntings,  what could be the trigger for releasing this energy?  Is this when we experience paranormal activity at certain locations ?  What makes the limestone of  Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum give up it’s secrets?  There is an extension of the Stone Tape theory known as Water Memory.  The stone may be but part of the equation.  Rocks,  stones, and minerals all contain ancient water molecules.  What if it’s not the stone,  but this ancient water deep inside these minerals that is actually capturing and recording these events, only to disperse the energy and the connected memory when the water slowly evaporates?  There are several theories that water can absorb and change when exposed to expressive energy,  traumatic or blissful.  In the late 1990s, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted some fascinating studies called Messages in Water.  Dr. Emoto took a single drop of water from different sources,  a pond,  a well,  tap water, glacier water,  and subjected these drops to different stimuli.  One was blessed by a monk.  One was told loving and caring thoughts. Then others were cursed at,  told hateful things and verbally abused.  ( Yes, water drops were verbally abused. )  Then these drops were frozen.  When viewed under a microscope, the drops that were blessed produced stunning and symmetrical ice crystals. The abused ones became misshapen and irregular and sometimes discolored.  Ok, back to the paranormal. People are 70% water. Think about what happened to a single drop of water. A single drop. Our bodies can manifest physical and physiological change when certain stimuli triggers a memory. War torn soldiers suffer every time they hear an unexpected bang or a car backfires.  Mothers instantly respond to a baby’s cry.  Why not, under certain circumstances, couldn’t the water molecules within stone somehow react and release their  stories?  Could it be  that as this water slowly disperses, the energy and stories from the living disperse as well?  Could it be the reason we rarely experience ancient ghosts?  While places such as Stonehenge and the the Mayan ruins are truly spiritual,  Have you ever heard of a ghost of a roman soldier or Neolithic Man? Do our spirits fade into the Great Collective?  With every theory comes even more questions.         I hope,  as we,  a society, delve ever deeper into what is considered  “paranormal”,  we can find more answers.     please visit my website to read more stories of the paranormal                              100_0208                                 cells in a penitentiary                          Brompton Cemetery

Stone Tape Theory and haunted locations

Part of being a paranormal investigator and researcher involves trying to figure out why some locations become haunted and remain haunted over a long period of time.  Stone Tape Theory is similar to Imprint Theory. The difference being while Imprint Theory’s energy resonates from the Universe,  Stone Tape Theory states certain types of stone and other natural minerals have the ability to capture and retain information and energy within itself.  Much like an audio tape,  a building or location can retain the memory of a traumatic event.  This theory holds validity when you remember iron oxide is an abundant  element on Earth. If you think about it, iron oxide is used to make audio tapes. Magnetized iron oxide.  Could this be why old brick buildings always seem haunted?  Quartz crystal can retain energy and information. Silicon is used in the manufacture of computer memory chips and is the second most abundant element on Earth.  Granite,  limestone,  quartz,  all are capable of holding energy and information.   The Stanley Hotel  in Estes Park, Co, notably  one of the  most active locations in America,  sits on a bed of limestone.  Many of the old prisons such as Alcatraz and  Eastern State Penitentiary are made of limestone and granite.   Mine shafts  and  gold towns are a hotbed of paranormal activity.  Could it be  the stone holds the past within it?  A murder, a suicide, a war, a gunshot in time ?  What remains puzzling are the circumstances in which this energy is released.  Weather conditions may be a factor ( lightning can cause electromagnetic flux )  the time of year,  Lunar cycle,  all may be factors and some people may be more sensitive to these  energies than others.  Some think energy is released as water retained within the stone evaporates, releasing fragments of an event… but that’s  another theory for later….                 To read more stories of the paranormal, please visit my website at                                     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          cells in a penitentiary          Timbered Mine Shaft           Cart in gold mine - underground

Paranormal Equipment 101 K2 EMF Meter

If any of you have been watching the plethora of paranormal TV shows such as “Ghost Hunters” by now you have probably seen this device commonly referred to as a K2. But what exactly is it? What does it do and why is it so popular with paranormal investigators? A K2 meter is originally intended to measure leaks or fluctuations in Electro Magnetic Energy, or EMF. EMF s can produce low level radiation and can cause headache, nausea, and other health issues with prolonged exposure. A K2 has a series of lights starting with green (safe) to yellow (EMF is present) to orange  (warning) to a  red ( better call electrician!) Old houses and old wiring can be sources of leaks. Electromagnetism is the force that causes an interaction of electricity between charged particles. It’s what holds electrons and protons together in atoms,so it’s a building block for life.  But what does all this have to do with hunting ghosts, you ask? You, I, your dog, and spirits, all are basically sources of energy. For the sake of simplicity and the context of using this tool, we are talking about contacting intelligent spirits, and not residual hauntings.  It’s important to understand one assumption that many paranormal theories hinge on and that is this.. Spirits are composed of weak energy  that can only manifest themselves into sound or visual presence when another energy source enters the room so they can draw energy from the external source. There’s a recurring relationship between EMF and presence of spirit activity. The leading theory is spirits emit electromagnetic energy and cause spikes or fluctuations in electromagnetic fields (EMF).  It is believed they gather energy inward and emit EMF out, causing a spike. But when do we get to talk to ghosts? Like any piece of equipment ,it’s useless without a trained operator. When using your shiny new K2 in a location, remember it’s a METER. It DETECTS .  Look around for logical explanations. Are there power lines along the wall?  Plumbing pipes? Make sure you check these possibilities as to a high EMF spike. Remember, if you want to be a credible investigator,you have to debunk first. OK, now to the fun stuff !  Spirits seem to be able to easily manipulate a K2 meter. This makes it relatively easy to convert it’s lights for a Yes or No response. If you find yourself getting your K2 flashing, start talking.  Ask, “Are you making these lights flash?” Remember, a Civil War soldier probably won’t know what A K2 is,  so keep it simple. “Can you make it flash once for Yes?” “Were  you a soldier  here?” etc… The beauty of the K2 is it’s easy to use in darkened areas which is perfect for investigating  and they are one of the less expensive tools out there. So get yourself a K2, and keep cell phones, walkie talkies,  and other equipment at a distance so they don’t interfere. Scan the area for existing EMF which usually show as a constant pattern of lights. Debunk, and be careful!      To find out more about me, check out my website                                                            100_0349           100_0346              OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Paranormal investigation basic equipment 101 digital recorder

  • A few solid basics and a skeptic,yet open mind ,is what makes a good paranormal investigator. Let’s start with basic equipment and discuss why these should be in every ghost hunter’s kit. 1.Flashlight. Seems obvious, but always carry a small flashlight and extra batteries. Safety may be doing a daytime investigation but may encounter dark stairways, check under foundations,and  be  looking in creepy basements and closets! 2. Digital recorder. I prefer these little Olympus recorders, Olympus 4100 pc. There are many good brands, just make sure it has a pc outlet, so you can download  the audio onto your computer.I personally also use several digital recorders running at the same time. I have found I can get different EVPs on different recorders while recording simultaneously!
    Now some paranormal circles will tell you that these and other digital recorders do not produce electronic voice phenomena that would stand up to scrutiny. They feel the lack of internal filters and the limited specifications of Olympus models makes them a tad “unbridled” for research use. My theory, and I base this on years of field use and remarkable results is..That’s what I like about these recorders! My feeling is the lack of internal filters allows the recorder to pick up more raw data than a model that is designed to filter out what it considers undesirable. It’s like taking your film to 1 hour photo ( who remembers these? ) and having the clerk toss out all those white blobs in the photos you took at that haunted house. Those may have been the shots you wanted! Now this is where knowing how to debunk and control as many variables as possible comes into play. You have to know what is an EVP and what was some person talking in the hall. If you are concerned about outside electrical and magnetic interference, than you can put your recorder inside a Faraday cage. It’s a pouch, really, made up of metallic cloth tight enough to block incoming electromagnetic fields. But exactly how do recorders collect sound?How a microphone works: sound waves put pressure on carbon, the compressed carbon generates electricity. In the case of tape, this goes to the recording head, which is a magnet, and that re-aligns the iron atoms on the tape.In the case of digital, the electric signal goes to what is called an analog to digital converter, which then writes 1s and 0s to some storage device such as an SD card. This is also a magnetic form of storage. The only other options are optical (like a CD/DVD; a laser actually burns a hole in the aluminum in the CD) or completely analog, like a victrola.

    So in most of the cases you are dealing with, we would have to be talking about the generation of either electrical or magnetic fields-which are basically the same thing, as well proven by Faraday and Maxwell (light too, believe it or not). This would have to be a particular signal (usually device specific) or you’d just get static or distorted noise. Too strong of an electric signal could damage a component, too much magnetism could erase things (especially on tape).

    Spirits create EVPs by manipulating the electromagnetic fields in the digital converter for a digital recorder. Some of the earliest EVPs were captured on old reel to reel tape recorders. The tape is coated with magnetized iron oxide.

    Cameras-film works by a chemical reaction between light and the film, digital works by light creating an electrical charge on a sensor that is then written to magnetic media.

    Filters-these can be pretty simple, just a couple of components (a capacitor would do in the simplest case, maybe add an inductor) and all they do is exclude certain frequencies-such as the higher frequencies perceived as “static” or “noise”-the filter only admits frequencies below the frequency of the filter. Much fancier filters are possible but not really of much use in a handheld voice recorder.

    So what I am saying is that yes, imprinting a voice or any sound on a recorder requires some idea of how it works. Know how to control your surroundings when doing EVP sessions on location. Toss out anything questionable, and good luck!
    Here are some examples of the same recording session, different EVPs. But they do sound like the same angry lady spirit!  Same time, different recorders.  And               100_0345                    100_0344                            White woman ghost stay on her grave               And this is personal experience but this tip was shared with me by EVP experts Mark and Debbie Constantino, It seems you get better results if you hold the recorder in your hand as opposed to setting on a table or shelf. I think it just creates a better connection to spirit if you hold it.        To read more stories of the paranormal, please visit my website at