January, a Time of Renewal & Learning from the Past

Janus head

The holiday season is such a magical time of year, so much energy and color and wonderful treats we only make this time of year. We have feasted and made merry and shopped through throngs of crowds of people searching for that perfect gift. Houses and shops and trees are festooned with bright twinkle lights and even our work desks are made festive. Folks have criss crossed the coasts to return to that very special place called Home. There is that sense of wonder all around and for a brief time, everyone seems happy.

Now the gifts have been opened, our refrigerators filled with plastic containers of leftovers and the credit card bills start trickling in. The euphoria and giddiness of the holidays blow away and with the new year many of us are feeling nothing but depressed and fat.

Indeed, there are many, many people who would rather pass up the holiday season altogether. The holidays sees an upswing in depression and suicides. Painful memories of what has been lost and a sense of regret and futility leave many folks feeling anything but merry. I was one of those people this year. 2017 took too much from me and I said Goodbye and Good riddance to a tear filled 12 months. February took my beloved brother. My husband of 27 years Joseph died suddenly the end of May. In September, a friend I’d only known a few months was gone from a heart attack. October sent angels and returned a dear friend  back Home.

I think we all are ready when the new year comes and we look in a new direction to improve our mind, bodies, and lives.

Now January is here and with it we stand up, stretch, and take a good look at ourselves in the mirror.

January is traditionally thought to be named after the Greek god Janus. Janus had two faces, one to look wisely to the past, and the other to gaze with lessons learned to  the future.

He is a god of transitions and journeys. He presided over beginnings and of time. Janus was the deity of the doorways of possibilities.

As you scrutinize your reflection and rub your forehead with one hand while holding a pile of bills in the other, don’t be too harsh on yourself. First, take a moment to remember what the last year meant to you and all you accomplished in just 12 months.


Did you make strides in the goals you set for yourself the previous year?


Did you make responsible decisions like pay bills, keep a roof over your head and food on the table?


Did you make  health and happiness a priority?


Are you clearer in your longterm goals?


Are you wiser now than last year?


That’s a lot to accomplish. If you you made positive strides, give yourself a pat on the back.


Now back to the mirror. Janus has two faces. One looks to the past and sees the lessons and memories and changes needed. The other looks ahead with renewed knowledge a year wiser, stronger and with compassion.

Use January to reflect on all you’ve come through up until now.  Look into that mirror and say, “Here I stand. It took all these years to culminate into what I am now. I may have been knocked down twenty times but I have stood up twenty one. With bloodied knees and a few scars, I am a warrior. I AM AMAZING!”

Now go show 2018 what you are made of!