Paranormal Equipment 101 K2 EMF Meter

If any of you have been watching the plethora of paranormal TV shows such as “Ghost Hunters” by now you have probably seen this device commonly referred to as a K2. But what exactly is it? What does it do and why is it so popular with paranormal investigators? A K2 meter is originally intended to measure leaks or fluctuations in Electro Magnetic Energy, or EMF. EMF s can produce low level radiation and can cause headache, nausea, and other health issues with prolonged exposure. A K2 has a series of lights starting with green (safe) to yellow (EMF is present) to orange  (warning) to a  red ( better call electrician!) Old houses and old wiring can be sources of leaks. Electromagnetism is the force that causes an interaction of electricity between charged particles. It’s what holds electrons and protons together in atoms,so it’s a building block for life.  But what does all this have to do with hunting ghosts, you ask? You, I, your dog, and spirits, all are basically sources of energy. For the sake of simplicity and the context of using this tool, we are talking about contacting intelligent spirits, and not residual hauntings.  It’s important to understand one assumption that many paranormal theories hinge on and that is this.. Spirits are composed of weak energy  that can only manifest themselves into sound or visual presence when another energy source enters the room so they can draw energy from the external source. There’s a recurring relationship between EMF and presence of spirit activity. The leading theory is spirits emit electromagnetic energy and cause spikes or fluctuations in electromagnetic fields (EMF).  It is believed they gather energy inward and emit EMF out, causing a spike. But when do we get to talk to ghosts? Like any piece of equipment ,it’s useless without a trained operator. When using your shiny new K2 in a location, remember it’s a METER. It DETECTS .  Look around for logical explanations. Are there power lines along the wall?  Plumbing pipes? Make sure you check these possibilities as to a high EMF spike. Remember, if you want to be a credible investigator,you have to debunk first. OK, now to the fun stuff !  Spirits seem to be able to easily manipulate a K2 meter. This makes it relatively easy to convert it’s lights for a Yes or No response. If you find yourself getting your K2 flashing, start talking.  Ask, “Are you making these lights flash?” Remember, a Civil War soldier probably won’t know what A K2 is,  so keep it simple. “Can you make it flash once for Yes?” “Were  you a soldier  here?” etc… The beauty of the K2 is it’s easy to use in darkened areas which is perfect for investigating  and they are one of the less expensive tools out there. So get yourself a K2, and keep cell phones, walkie talkies,  and other equipment at a distance so they don’t interfere. Scan the area for existing EMF which usually show as a constant pattern of lights. Debunk, and be careful!      To find out more about me, check out my website                                                            100_0349           100_0346              OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA