Favorite Haunts the RMS Queen Mary

One of my favorite haunts is the beautiful RMS  Queen Mary. Setting sail in 1936, she is an Art Deco masterpiece. The QM was the fastest ship in the world in her heyday. called into military duty in 1941, the QM served as a troop transport, able to carry over 15,000 troops across the Atlantic. She was such a  valuable  asset to the war effort   she carried a bounty to any enemy sub who could sink her. Painted gray to camouflage her, she was dubbed the Gray Ghost. While crossing the Atlantic, she was accompanied by several smaller escort ships. These escorts would criss cross her trajectory to search for enemy submarines. On Oct 2, 1942, one of her escort ships, the Curacao, tragically crossed directly in her path. The Queen Mary, traveling at over 25 knots,  sliced through the tiny Curacao. Over 300 were sent into the frigid water. 239 lives were lost… Some say that’s why the bow of the Queen Mary is so haunted…. My personal experiences with the QM have always been fruitful. I seem to be able to capture some type of evidence, even during a daytime investigation.  Once a friend and I were roaming the halls on B Deck in the late morning. Suddenly, a woman appeared, having quickly turned a corner and began walking alongside us. She was dressed in period 40’s clothing complete with gloves. “They must be  hiring people to work in character” I thought. The QM holds a Roaring 20’s Gala every year so I didn’t think it too out of place….except the Gala was months ago… and no one else seemed to be dressed up….Then the woman,still walking right next to us, began conversing. Saying things that sounded a  little odd. ” I just love this ship. I just stay here. ”  “Yes, it’s a beautiful ship” I answered. Then suddenly she turned a corner and she was just….gone.. My friend and looked at each other puzzled. Was she..real?  I ran back to where she had just turned, Nothing.   We’ve received many EVPs from spirits aboard the Queen Mary, here are a few..  One of my favorites.. Listen..  http://bit.ly/1bppkTg       And  http://bit.ly/1bppSZk   I’ll continue my adventure aboard the Queen Mary when we delve into…the Pool Room  Until then, check out my website at kittyjanusz.com                                                                                                                                                             SyntekExifImageTitle                                     100_0156