When Magic Happens

I  enjoy giving readings to people face to face. I can feel their energy up close, see their expressions, and share their tears.

But at the same time I have to admit I really enjoy being alone. I LIKE being by myself, in the company of peaceful silence. Not being social. So it was with great hesitance that I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of social media. Why would I want to talk to people about what they had for lunch? I hate seeing posts of people I don’t know at places I’ll never visit.

But then a funny thing happened. I started meeting people. Nice people. Friends and relatives of people I already know …and..like. I keep it slow. I’m not a collector of “friends”. I have come to enjoy interacting with these internet friends and being a small part of their daily lives.

Susie is one such lady. Susie is the sister of a dear friend of mine. And while I have to be honest and admit I have never had the pleasure of meeting Susie in person, I know Susie. She is the kind of person who doesn’t have a mean bone in her body or could say an unkind word to anyone. She is truly a beautiful soul.

What Susie does have is this charm of posting at least a dozen posts and videos daily. She is a wonderful storyteller, one of those amazing people you encounter every so often that can spin a tale of something common and mundane and make it seem so wonderful, like God’s little jewels.

So I read intently when Susie and her husband inherited a farm in Tennessee. It was everything you could imagine, acres of rolling hills, a red barn, an adorable little farm house that had a porch big enough to have rocking chairs so you could relax and gaze out upon this wondrous old farm. It even has a stream flowing through it year round. Susie, along with her husband and her two Australian Shepherds, acclimated to Country Life.

I loved watching Susie’s videos of her dogs tearing across the rolling hills, darting through trees and playing tag until their lungs gave out. The farm needed a little fixing up and with a some sweat equity it was their new home indeed.

But I knew it was a bittersweet homecoming. You see Susie had traveled clear across the country with all her belongings, her dogs, and a cage full of finches to join her in her new home. Still getting settled, Susie would hang the birdcage on a branch on one of her trees so her finches could enjoy the Tennessee air. Not a week into their arrival, somehow the door to the cage got open and all her birds that she so carefully carried across the country, had somehow escaped. They were gone. To add to her heartache, Susie’s mother had recently passed away. I could feel her sense of loss and it broke my heart.

I knew Susie needed a reading. She needed to hear from her Mom. I reached out to Susie and she agreed.

Susie’s mom was a bubbly Irish girl and came forward easily. Oh, she had some opinions. “What, all that land and no roses?” I kind of had to agree with her on that one. I asked Susie’s mom if there was a way to show Susie she was near and thinking of her. I suggested birds. Could Susie’s mom send wild birds to greet Susie to let her know Mom is around and thinking of her? Mom said she would try to find a way.

I told Susie what her mom had said and that she should definitely get some roses planted. A few tears were shared when I told Susie wild birds would appear for her. They might  seem slightly out of place, or an unusual variety for the area, so she would notice them.

I kept following Susie’s daily posts and enjoyed her stories of life on the farm in Tennessee. In July she had a story about how a baby bird came into her life. Ugly as only a mother could love, Susie posted videos of her feeding this awkward little bird all manner of grubs and dog food and fruit. The bird bonded with her and soon “LouLoo” and her youngest dog were inseparable. The little robin grew and learned to fly. LouLoo would flit about in the trees with the other robins and greet her adopted mom by flying down and sitting on Susie’s finger before fluttering off for another adventure. It was so sweet to watch a wild bird interact with her.

Then the other day Susie’s post made my jaw drop..

“Kitty Jost Janusz.. On July 14th, 2014, you wrote..and I will paraphrase..”I told her it would be a nice way of letting you know that she was thinking of you if she would send some wild birds to the farm.” at the end of the most amazing reading you wrote…”She will try and find a way…” I can say with 100 percent certainty… On July 16th, 2015, I believe she finally found a way…”


Wow…Wow…Wow.. Thank you Susie. I am honored.