“The Winds of Heaven Blow Between Horses’ Ears”.. A Story to Comfort Grieving Pet Owners


The deepest pain ever felt I believe is the broken heart at the loss of a beloved pet. As pet owners, we KNOW there is a probability we will outlive our pets. We KNOW their natural lifespan is much shorter than our own and yet we willingly and lovingly devote our time and affection to give them a life as safe and comfy as we can.

Every pet owner knows the ultimate act of love of holding that paw when the quality of life is gone and our Angels are summoned back to Heaven. Even when we know the right decision was made, our hearts feel ripped from its ribcage and our face is wet from tears.

As a psychic medium, I hear stories of folks seeing their pet after they’ve passed or have had vivid dreams where they were convinced their pets came to them, that it was much more than a dream. Some feel they are hallucinating. Some may think that their grief is driving them mad.

Are they seeing their deceased pet? Grieving pet owners need closure. The anguish is as deep as losing a child, for in my mind, they ARE children.

The debate over whether or not animals have souls, self-awareness, go to Heaven, etc, is a long one. This blog is to help grieving pet owners cope with the loss and bring some understanding to what they may be experiencing if they feel they have been visited by their deceased pets.

One such grieving pet owner felt she was indeed having her cat visit her. She needed answers and didn’t know where to turn.

While neither I nor anyone has all the answers, I tried to explain what I had experienced with my personal story..

Let me tell you a story. I had a horse. A beautiful show horse. He was champion in 3 states. I bought him at the tender age of 2 1/2. He was all legs and baby fat. I had experience with horses but he was my first youngster. We became inseparable. When Reggie was 10, he broke a bone in his foot. It didn’t bother him at first, but the weight of a horse took its toll and he became more and more uncomfortable and sore.

After years of vet visits, I made the very, very, hard decision to put him down. I cried like I had never cried before. A piece of me was gone forever and I felt I had somehow failed him. I thought about him constantly. I pictured him running alongside my car as I drove. Reggie would appear at the slightest thought and would trot and snort and shake his blond mane. While these weren’t specific visuals and memories of him, I still thought they MUST be just past memories. But these were so fresh, and Reggie, even in spirit form, seemed to react to my surroundings. Was I seeing him? COULD it be something more than just a fond remembrance?

Years later, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture of a famous psychic. During the Q and A, I timidly raised my hand. I explained what I had been seeing and needed his perspective.” Is he REALLY with me, or am I just remembering him? ”

TheĀ psychic curtly, said ” It doesn’t matter”. I was annoyed by this answer. Was he blowing me off? There was some nervous laughter from the audience. I felt embarrassed, sat down, and didn’t press for an explanation. I was angry about his answer for months. I finally forgave myself for not pressing the issue.

Only later did I understand what he meant. I believe it means your thoughts, your memories, your love, draws their spirit to you and in a way, your thoughts continue the relationship you had. When you think about them, it creates a new imprint. The bond is still strong.

Now don’t think that you are keeping them from crossing over with each memory. Animals cross so quickly and once crossed, have free will to travel and cross back easily.

I totally believe our pets are at a higher vibration and protect us and hold space for us on the other side.

Whether just remembering the tactile love and affection fondly or by doing so, our beloved pets wish to visit and watch over us, does it matter which it is? It is the bond of love.

This has been my story. As a lifelong pet owner, I will continue to work hard so my critters can have a better life. When it’s my time, I wish to see all of them greeting me at the gate!