The Curious Reading of a grieving mother, her son, and BUGS!

Every once in a while I have a client who touches my heart. A mediumship reading that changes the way we look at  Death, and what  happens on the other side of the veil. This reading reminds me we are all psychically  connected. Death of the physical body doesn’t mean a total disconnect from loved ones. I am reminded that we’re part of a bigger picture, a larger existence. The following reading  just blew my mind.   The reading is factual. I have changed their names for privacy. The client was a beautiful young woman.  “Debbie” had tragically lost her son “Charlie” when he was just 5 years old. Debbie  told us up front she was wishing to connect with her deceased son.  Debbie has another young son “Robert” who is now about 5 .  Debbie had a feeling that somehow Charlie was communicating with Robert and had many questions.  Often when a client comes in for a mediumship reading, they do have a particular someone with whom they would like to connect.   As a medium, I let them know I ask for Spirit to come forward because they, the client, is grieving, misses them, and just wants to know they are OK. We can’t guarantee who might show up, it’s up to Spirit!  So Debbie takes a seat and  we make her comfortable. I decide to stand over Debbie to hold sacred space.  Almost immediately a grandmother figure steps forward. Grandma’s are often hanging around, protecting and watching over family. They take great pride in their duties! I have even seen Grandma try to push Angels out of the way, stating that’s a Grandma’s job!  While Debbie was pleased to have Grandma watching over her, she really wanted to connect with Charlie. Was he OK?  Is he safe? What mother wouldn’t?   I’m asking, I’m looking, I’m not seeing Charlie. I’m standing on one side of Debbie. Grandma’s spirit stands on the other. So I ask Grandma, “Where’s Charlie?”  I look down at Grandma’s hands. Still soft yet knarled, more than a lifetime of hugs and baking contained in those hands. I keep looking. I begin to see two tiny child’s hands clasped in hers. His hands are all I can see, no body. I ask my guides “Why is this all I see of Charlie?” This is where practice and experience of a medium enter the picture.  Grandma holds the essence of Charlie.  His soul has gone on to another life. The embodiment of Charlie is only his hands lovingly held in Grandma’s.  I tell Debbie  “He had a lifetime of love from you.  He is with another family. He remembers all the love you gave him and has carried that with him.     OK, All well and good. We have a protective Grandma. We know Charlie is at peace. The essence of Charlie remains due to his mother’s love.   A wonderful reading so far..  Then as I’m looking over Debbie, I see what can only be described as little bugs or flies buzzing around her head. “OK, That’s weird” I tell myself.  How do I explain flies? Mentally, Charlie is insisting I tell Debbie about these flies.  Really?  Flies sound bad. Too Lord of the Flies. “Debbie, what’s with the bees?” I keep seeing little bugs flying around you and he keeps telling me he makes you see them.” Are you finding bugs in odd places ? Charlie keeps telling me he brings them to you and you know they’re from him.” Debbie bursted into tears.  “Charlie would draw bugs and insects all the time.”  “We still have some of his drawings!”  Wonderful!  “But Debbie, he’s telling me he still brings them to you. Where are you seeing them?”  Debbie breaks down crying.    She tells us Robert, her little boy she has now, has begun drawing the same style of little bugs!  Speaking through her tears, Debbie says  Robert told her Charlie showed him how to draw these little bugs!  Perfect!  That’s Charlie’s way of connecting and letting you know he’s OK!   Sobbing. Debbie asks, “How could you know that?” About the bugs he drew?    Unable to resist a  psychic’s  favorite joke, I tell  her, “It says psychic on my business card!”   It’s encounters such as these that instill what a blessing it is to connect to Spirit.  To see a mother’s tears of relief and joy knowing her little boy is moving on in his journey. Yet he loved her so much he still sends her little drawings of bugs…. We are all connected. A physical body will end. Souls may go on to other lives or even ascend to a higher realm.  Loved ones will always be with us in some way.  Every time we think of them, their soul is with us. When we hear their favorite song. When we are compelled to  make a dish they used to make. We may see yellow roses seemingly everywhere, Grandma’s favorite. That’s Spirit.  Remember there ARE NO COINCIDENCES.. Everything happens for a reason!   Embrace the journey!    If you would like to find out more about me or want information about psychics and readings, visit my website                            statue of a sad woman in cemetery                                           White woman ghost stay on her grave                                                  SyntekExifImageTitle